We are Google SEO Masters

...zipping clients TO THE TOP of search engines.

Zipper Studio breathes life and energy into individuals, small businesses & large companies . We drive traffic with SEO campaigns, create awareness with social media, and increase your conversions allowing you to get TO THE TOP.

YouTube Video & Channel Optimization

Zipper Studio can create your YouTube channel, implement our on-site SEO & optimize your video or channel to become a viral success. Our methods are safe, secure, with real people & work over time as opposed to quick fixes that have proven to be ineffective.

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Twitter Optimization

Zipper Studio will take your Twitter profile & increase followers, engagement & overall presence to make sure your news & message is viewed by as many potential customers & fans possible.

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LinkedIn For Business

Zipper Studio will build up your company’s LinkedIn profile & build its trust & overall standing by building up your followers, marketing your message on Twitter & improving trust & standing if your business is looking to market with other companies or looking to hire new employees.

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SoundCloud For Music & Podcast

Are you a musician who just released a new song or a podcaster working on building your followers & increase plays? Zipper Studio can take your audio page & make your work into a viral success with our Soundcloud optimization packages. We will increase engagement on your page, increase your plays & market your content to help get your work heard by hundreds of thousands of potential listeners.

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Why Is Zipper SEO Studio Best For Your Company & Individual Brand?

At Zipper, we pride ourselves in quality care & having the best experience working for our clients each day. Our staff is certified in working with Google Analytics, Google Adwords, & YouTube, among other top SEO & marketing certifications.

Our SEO & social media team at Zipper specializes in taking your website to the top of search engines such as Google, Yahoo & Bing, allowing for your business or individual brand to be recognized by a greater range of potential customers or viewers in general.

We are also able to build your social media presence on Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Soundcloud, Pinterest & Vine. Building a social media presence with Zipper will build trust & popularity in your business and/or individual brand.

Zipper SEO & Web Design is a Michigan company, headquartered in Detroit & Grand Rapids. However, we have expanded around the country in the last several years, with regional offices in Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Greater Orlando & Houston. Having these locations allows for us to bring you quality service, with quick turnaround times no matter where your company is located.

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Quality White-Hat SEO

Zipper Studio specializes in moving websites to the top of search engines in a short time via safe, secure methods. Our SEO service will bring quality traffic to your site & improve search engine trust, a key factor in ranking in search engines, particularly Google.

Keyword Ranking

Through Zipper Studio’s SEO services, your website will be able to rank for various targeted keywords. Our team will review your website & optimize your on-page content to make sure that your site will have the ability to maximize keyword-ranking opportunities, without being penalized by search engines.

Website Structure

Zipper Studio will review your site structure & work with you on making sure that your website is built structurally sound, thus making the SEO services even more effective & allow your site to expand more in search engines.