2016 Complete SEO Guide Part 1

Over the last month, we have talked about many different SEO tips and strategies for a variety of different situations—local SEO, acting, filmmaking, small business, etc. Today, we are going to talk about the absolute complete list from top to bottom about what you and your brand need for establishing a strong SEO presence for 2016. We will cover everything from local SEO, social media, building the website, and much more that will ensure that your website is at its peak every day. This post may be a bit long, but we wanted to build a comprehensive all-in-one solution that anyone can use when looking at what to do or not do with their SEO and social media marketing campaigns!

an ugly website kills seo immediately

As with anything in business or in our personal lives, we want to see that something is put together carefully and with some style. No matter what kind of SEO and social marketing campaign you put together, if the end product does not look as though you have put in some time and effort, your marketing will just become a waste of funds.

Zipper SEO offers top quality website design that will be SEO-friendly but also help with conversions with outstanding landing pages. The best impression is a first impression with a website. Make sure you have one that will be aesthetically pleasing to the eyes!

Website structure must be seo friendly

When we say a website structure must be SEO friendly, we mean that it needs to read as a massive file with subfolders to Google.

(Umm… I know what you are saying, that doesn’t make a darn bit of sense, right?

When Google spiders crawl a page, they want to get through the website smoothly, like a maze that has a beginning, some stops along the way, but is able to flow easily to the next part of the site, all the way to the end. The easier that a site can be crawled, the quicker it will be indexed into the search engines, even before any of the SEO on-page optimization has taken place.  Any of the backlinks or social media signals that will come to your website will give the other pages on your website some of the “juice,” or social signal or linking ability allowing the other pages and posts on your site to rank in Google search.

WordPress is going to be your best option when creating a site. Whether it is through WordPress.com or WordPress.org through your own server, it is one of the most SEO-friendly website structures available, far better than Blogspot. Don’t get me wrong, Blogspot is great, especially if you are looking to monetize through Google Adsense and such, however, WordPress.org allows you to do the same thing, and WordPress.com allows you to drive unlimited amounts of traffic to the site without overloading the server, which you have to worry about when a site is on your own server and is not always the smartest thing to do when you have Adsense enabled on Blogspot.

fresh content is key for seo

On a blog or regular static website, it is important to have an area where blog posts are consistently updated on a regular basis – daily or multiple times daily if possible. Fresh content in a blog post shows readers, Google & other search engines that you are a brand that is very much on top of the trends in your field & that you are truly an authority in your work.

There are several ways to rank for this content, especially if you are using the WordPress platform. One of the great plugins (we will talk about WordPress plugins later) is called Yoast SEO. We talked briefly in a post on affiliate marketing about Yoast, but on any type of WordPress website, Yoast should be at the top of the list of content SEO solutions. With Yoast, you are able to create content & have a focus keyword to build your content around & when the website is optimized correctly for search engines, your content will receive a green mark. The more green marks in all areas of the content check, the better your content will rank in search.

Which is where the freshness of the content comes in………ideally, you would like to have new content available each time Google crawls your site. When Google crawls the site more, it realizes that your website has new, interesting ideas to share with the public & will begin to put your content higher in search engines because the search engine crawlers are always looking for fresh, relevant content for searchers each time they look for a particular keyword.

When the content is published, make sure the content is relevant, readable & more than 400 words, if possible. The more credible content on a page, the better the opportunity of ranking that webpage high in search. Most posts should be no more than 700 words in a blog, but if the content is legitimate & the word amount makes sense, don’t be afraid of saying what needs to be said for content marketers to want to share your work.

image seo important for search – especially in google

Doing SEO optimization on images on a website can do a great deal for driving traffic to your website & webpage in desktop & mobile search. For many products, people will do image searches & then link back to the basic content. As you put together an SEO strategy in your images, remember to have strong ALT text (anchor link text) in your image that will help it show up in search.

Having anchor link text – similar to you can use a focus keyword in your content in Yoast – will give your website a great boost in terms of being able to be found in a variety of different formats, particularly with Google.

drive seo traffic to website in order to get ball rolling

The website is complete, the content is up. Now its time to get going in making your website show up for rankings in search engines. Hello, low bounce rate & high duration traffic.

Zipper SEO offers quality low bounce rate & high duration traffic for your website which will help bring up the engagement of the website. A low bounce rate means that the traffic (visitors) are clicking around the website, thus showing interest in the overall page. The lower the bounce rate, the better it looks on a website or social media website.

Along with having low bounce rate, traffic should have some kind of high duration. Duration should be longer than either 30 seconds or 1 minute for traffic that you are going to use to help boost up your website initially.

Keep in mind, however, this traffic is most likely NOT GOING TO PURCHASE your products. No purchased traffic, whether its quality or black hat style, is going to ever boost up a site’s sales. It is simply to get your website going initially & get it at least into the search engines & build up some rankings.

We will go into social media optimization later. Hope everyone is having a great holiday season!