2016 YouTube SEO Marketing Tips

Over the last few weeks, we have talked at length about the importance of YouTube in terms of marketing and overall SEO for your website. It is no secret that YouTube videos show up at the top of Google search at a much more frequent rate than most other social media sites and websites, but in 2016, the importance of having a great YouTube SEO campaign will be more crucial than ever before.

Google has said that their CPC on blogs and other content sites have gone down in favor of video ads that are used through Adsense on YouTube videos. YouTube videos are seen by over 1 billion people around the world, who are watching basically all genres, and are always looking to be entertained or have a great marketing message sent to them in a short amount of time. Rule of thumb is that you have about 5-10 seconds as a advertiser to gain a viewer’s attention and without that, the ad will be skipped. As a creator, the key is to make compelling content that will keep a viewer watching their product for a long period of time.

Today, we are going to cover a few YouTube marketing tips that will help to rank your video higher in Google and YouTube search, increase your eCPM and bring in more advertisers that will fight over themselves to advertise on your content.

YouTube video retention rate is top priority

When a video is being watched completely, or past about 80%, it is considered a top video and a video that will be ranked higher in YouTube search and in Google search over the long run. Retention rate is the amount of minutes that are being watched in a video, or the overall percentage of the video being watched. It is the equivalent of the bounce rate on a website—the lower the bounce rate (more times people click around the website) the better your website is ranked in search engines. The bounce rate shows Google that the search engines respect the site because people want to see all of the content on the site.

The rules are the same for video. A video that people want to watch for a long period of time is golden for advertisers because of the many opportunities to advertise higher-priced and high importance ads to the demographic watching the content. Getting views is outstanding and always the key, but just as web traffic goes, having content that maybe 10,000 people watch completely to the end or over 50% is going to be more effective than 50,000 people who only watch 20 seconds of a 2 minute video. Quality is more important than the quantity, however, if the quantity can match the quality, then you have a video that will be one of the most viral videos anywhere on the internet.

youtube seo is as much a priority as website seo

YouTube SEO might be more important than website SEO due to the strength that Google gives a great YouTube video that a brand has. Doing SEO on a YouTube video will draw more eyes to your brand as more people would rather watch video content than to read through a website. The SEO is still the basic idea of marketing that we know to hold true – good search keywords, strong meta descriptions, good titles.

So many people forget about YouTube SEO because they assumed that because their content is on YouTube & it has such as strong authority & impact on a website that they don’t have to do the SEO on anything else other than their website. If anything, more SEO might need to be completed because of the sheer amount of people your content is going to be open to on a regular basis.

local youtube seo marketing is crucial

Most people who work in SEO know that local SEO is much easier to rank for as opposed to running a massive national campaign to rank high for various keywords. If you are running a particular brand, you will want to create videos that will focus on a local area or content that your local customers can relate to. With Google local reviews being more important than ever, it is important that your YouTube video helps to reflect the local audience that your website is marketing to.

If there isn’t a set local audience, it might be an idea worth looking into. Local SEO is much smoother to do SEO on & its much easier to rank high in all search for local marketing as opposed to worldwide due to many businesses – especially small businesses – most likely not having the opportunity or the marketing power to expand in that way with the advertising finances needed to have a full national company.

A Grand Rapids company that has a restaurant opening, or Las Vegas company who is opening up a new club, will want to have YouTube videos that will be geographically targeted towards those markets. Associating your YouTube videos with your Google Plus local page will help out your marketing on a high level, particularly when many companies don’t create videos about themselves.

youtube seo should coincide with twitter seo

So you have a great YouTube video & you want it to be seen by a large amount of people quickly while the views are coming in……….make sure you don’t ignore our buddy, Twitter.

Twitter & Google have an agreement where Google will index tweets from popular profiles or at least profiles that have a very high engagement rate. Sharing your video on Twitter with your users will give your video a strong amount of social backlinks, which may not count in terms of full backlinks that are recognized in Google Webmaster, but the social signals will be a key factor in boosting overall SEO.

Those are the key tips for right now. We will expand further about YouTube marketing & how it will be important for various different styles of creators.