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Lux Web Design and Digital Marketing

Zipper SEO Studio has a combined 20 years of SEO, social media & website design experience to use for our clients. We specialize in helping websites get to the top of Google, Yahoo & Bing through white-hat SEO methods.

Along with the SEO abilities, Zipper will also optimize your Twitter, YouTube, Soundcloud, LInkedIn, & Vine accounts. We will use our vast resources to increase views, followers & overall engagement with your customers through social media, thus increasing your main website's visibility. Through this increase in visibility plus amazing marketing design, we will help gain trust & conversions with your potential customers.

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Quality SEO Solutions With Smooth Turnaround Time

While SEO & social media optimization is a long-term investment in company success, Zipper does not believe that the start to that growth should take forever to begin seeing results. When you place an order with us, our services begin in 1-2 business days on most packages, unless otherwise noted.

In today’s world, from individuals to small business to enterprise solutions, one idea is clear – time is money. Zipper understands that & will work to make sure that your brand gets built in a clean yet fast manner.

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Viral Branding On YouTube, Twitter, Soundcloud, LinkedIn & Vine

Zipper Studio can take your new video, song or podcast & make it into a massive viral success. Our social media optimization methods will help increase user engagement, online marketing efforts & human views, likes & comments.

We have an extensive team nationwide that has the ability to build your individual, small business or enterprise brand into a viral success on your YouTube, Soundcloud, LinkedIn & Twitter profiles, making sure that your message & products are being seen by the most amount of prospective clients possible.

Entertainment Industry Experience

Along with having experience in the business & SEO world, Zipper has a team of individuals who have extensive experience in the acting & modeling worlds, as our individuals are SAG/AFTRA & AEA (Equity) members.

We know what performers needs to have a chance to be seen by the right agents, producers & casting directors, & will make sure you stay ahead of the large amount of competition in the entertainment industry.

Do you have a new song that is just coming out that you want to build into a viral success? What about a new short film, feature-length film or demo reel that you want to have on a high level on YouTube? Zipper Studio can turn your career into a viral phenomenon in a short period of time.

IMDB Profile Optimization

Our elite-level web traffic will drive visitors to your IMDB profile for your movie, series or individual actor profile, thus giving momentum to all of your projects as a whole & helping to gain the attention of prospective agents & casting directors.

Provide Services For YouTube, Twitter & Soundcloud Premieres

Do you have a project that you are getting ready to premiere on a certain date or want to build up your social presence or website SEO standing leading up to a major launch?

Zipper Studio can boost your online presence & handle your social media marketing to make sure that your project receives the proper attention it deserves. We specialize in optimizing student films, features, shorts, demo reels, full YouTube channels, Soundcloud songs, & Twitter profiles.

We will work with you on making sure not only are you getting the new views that you need,  but that your user engagements are exploding as well.

Actor Website Design

Make sure your actor website is very marketable & stylish to agents & casting directors with custom actor, music or model websites from Zipper SEO Studio.

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