Amazon Affiliate SEO Marketing Tips – Part 2

Last month, we discussed how to run a properly setup Amazon Affiliate store on your server, as well as some SEO tips for making the site as strong as possible. In this piece, we will expand on that information with some more tips on how to ensure that your Amazon Associates store is solid and great for SEO marketing purposes.

amazon affiliate products should get seo optimization

On your store with Woocommerce, make sure you optimize the actual products themselves. When you import an Amazon product with a software such as Prosociate or Woozone, the products are sent in automatically. In order to have the best chances to rank in SEO, though, make sure you do that part yourself.

The products that are imported come with their own descriptions & meta descriptions, titles, keywords etc. that comes right from Amazon. You will want to use an SEO plugin like Yoast that will help you do custom SEO on each product. You don’t need to do it on every single product in the store, but it would be beneficial to do the SEO on your featured products that the Google crawlers are going to see each time they visit the front page!

Make sure your products are updated each day

When you are updating your Amazon Affiliate sites, the best way to do it on WordPress and Woocommerce is by using a cron job or a sync system. Through a cron job, you go into your host, put in a code and you will update all of your products every few minutes multiple times a day or how ever long you want to do it.

You can also do a sync now job (particularly helpful if you use Woozone as your Amazon product provider). In sync now, you can do a manual or automated sync of your products. By doing this, you are keeping your prices up-to-date, product sizes and options, any special sales or markdowns and just showing that your store is constantly up-to-date and ready to go.

Keep your amazon affiliate store in a particular niche only

In your store, even though you may have the best in sporting goods, technology, or other products, don’t be tempted to cross niches into other areas. The problem is that even though the products may sell, it is very difficult from a marketing standpoint to be able to successfully market a bunch of different niches that don’t have anything to do with your actual store.

Because your store is going to be on Woocommerce, your SEO, meta tagging, etc., is going to reflect a particular brand and will have certain meta titles that Google will capture for information purposes to help in SEO.

We will come back with more Amazon Affiliate strategies later this week with more information regarding how to do marketing for your page to help make sure you are ranking high and making profit!