Amazon Affiliate SEO Marketing Tips Part 1

No one will deny that the Amazon Affiliate marketing program is one of the best affiliate programs ever put together, as well as one of the most comprehensive ones. Amazon allows users to customize their own stores, or use links on their blogs to promote Amazon’s products so that users will click through, purchase on Amazon’s secure checkout. Affiliate marketers will earn income on each item sold.

Over the last few years, however, Google has cracked down on affiliate-style sites that are considered “thin.” Thin means that the site doesn’t provide any extra value in Google’s eyes, and clearly connects and brings information straight from Amazon’s API system, which Google has frowned upon. Many software companies have put together Amazon programs that bring in products but again, don’t help out the customer because of either the style of the website or that there isn’t a chance to add in custom pages that are in SEO basic guidelines, in which Google doesn’t index the page at all.

Today, we will talk about the keys to making great money on Amazon, but also having a strong brand that people will have confidence in, and that keeps people coming back to your website. You don’t want your store—while it might be good and have good prices—to give people the wrong impression, thus lowering the conversion rates.

treat amazon affiliate seo like regular e-commerce seo

For an Amazon affiliate site, so many people still want to sneak links in blogs where people will want to click on them, go back to Amazon, and purchase the items. That form of marketing, quite honestly, is just plain tired and doesn’t really work. People who are looking to purchase a product want to go to an actual storefront that has a blog that is attached to the store, not a blog with links to Amazon all over the place.

So, how do you get around that? Simple. Put your Amazon store on WordPress—particularly a service known as Prosociate!

For the sake of this blog, we are not affiliated with Prosociate in any way and are not paid by them to write. However, Prosociate is one of the best software WordPress plugins to use in order to upload products to your storefront if you want to have Amazon Affiliate success, as well as great SEO on your products and store.

When you put your storefront together, however, make sure that you are creating a solid e-commerce site that actually has value & substance like any other e-commerce store that you would have on Bigcommerce or Shopify. The key to Amazon affiliate stores on WordPress is that the store doesn’t directly connect to the Amazon API in that the items have to go to a legitimate shopping cart & go through the Woocommerce checkout process before it connects over to the Amazon checkout. WordPress is a trusted platform with plenty of SEO benefits to it & even though it will be more work to set it up, in the end, it will work out for your business much better because it will be recognized as an actual brand by Google, not simply a site with spammy information.

Once the products & categories are organized, make sure to customize the products and make sure the categories have solid SEO-friendly meta descriptions that are custom written by you. When you are customizing the information about the products, don’t just use the information provided by Amazon.

With the Prosociate, you can use the information (which will still help you rank) but you can change up the product options, take out certain photos, & add in custom HTML information about each product in your store, even change up the URLs. Make sure you take the time to add in information about each individual product. It may be time consuming & a complete pain to do, but the website will have much better SEO success & won’t look like products directly from Amazon. The content will be considered branded in a way & on a regular e-commerce site, you would have had to do the exact same thing in order to rank. Successful Amazon stores are run like a regular e-commerce site & the average person should feel comfortable about your brand enough to want to come back to you & feel as though having the Amazon secure HTTPS checkout is a bonus.

if you cant completely customize your amazon store, don’t use the software

In any website or e-commerce store, everything in SEO is custom for the most part – meta descriptions, category descriptions, product descriptions, etc. Those are the types of marketing descriptions needed to rank well in SEO & help develop your brand overall. If you have a piece of Amazon Affiliate software that does not give you complete control over the descriptions for all aspects of the content that will be indexed in search engines, it is not a good software system & it will be thought of as spam quickly.

The great thing about using WordPress software with an Amazon Affiliate site is that everything in WordPress – more specifically Woocommerce – is meant for SEO success. From the site structure being set up for SEO as files as opposed to single .html pages to having complete custom style over every facet of the website, just about anything on WordPress or a WordPress blog is set up for immediate success, especially once the plugins are taken into effect.

implement local seo into amazon affiliate store

Amazon Affiliate stores are true businesses. You have to have a business sales license to sign up with Amazon in the first place, so make sure to treat your business as such. A basic of any business is to make sure your local SEO is together to make sure your business is operating smoothly & ranking in local Google searches.

Even though this is an affiliate business, as we said before, the basics of SEO & establishing a presence online doesn’t change at all. If anything, it makes marketing a bit easier because you have the framework of WordPress & the products are provided for you, and only a few modifications are needed to be successful.

For the local SEO, make sure you have established your Google Places listings page & encourage your customers when they sign up on your My Account page to leave a review on your product either on your website or on your Google reviews area.

Tommorow, we will discuss Amazon Affiliate SEO more & go into the social media marketing aspect of being a good Amazon marketer.