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Chicago is a world-class city. Many businesses and individuals implement SEO for their tech corporations and startups in order to be successful. It is a midwest city—very tough, very gritty and for actors, seen as the start of the journey to grow in the entertainment world.

When an actor is beginning their journey into the world of entertainment in Chicago, it is not only a lesson in working on your craft in terms of improv, voice training, and learning monologues. It is learning the basics of marketing in the new age—SEO and social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Soundcloud, and others to build up your credibility as a legitimate performer.

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Chicago has a strong history of TV shows and films that have been based and filmed in the city over the course of time, but at the core, Chicago is a theatre city. Many performers end up going over to Chicago from states bordering it such as Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio because it is their opportunity to build up their craft and study under quality acting teachers without having all of the insanity or idea of being overwhelmed that would happen in Los Angeles or New York.

Many actors end up doing their theatre work in Chicago and either stay there if they can get steady work, or leave the area after about 6 months to a year. The problem comes in—where the issue comes in many situations—the actors leave the comfort zone into a snake pit without the proper preparation, which then leads to major issues across the board, and the high probability that the actor will not succeed later on.  Chicago is a good place to work their way into the true grit of the business and either will help to make them a true star or a consistent working actor.

In many respects, using SEO and social media marketing correctly can help get many more auditions in Chicago than in Los Angeles or New York simply due to the probably that there may be other actors that are not doing the correct form of social media marketing, and don’t fully know the rules to SEO in social media that we are going to discuss today.

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While to the average person Chicago is a massive city, for an actor, it is #3 behind New York and Los Angeles. Which means that the marketing will not be as difficult as it would be in the other cities.

Actors from all areas need to have a strong Twitter account to connect with other performers, casting directors, and agents, but the actors that really supercharge their Twitter account to be one of the strongest anywhere in the city will gain a massive advantage due to the ability to market themselves and become viral pretty much anytime they choose.

To get ahead in the Chicago market – whether its theatre, improv or the occasional film – building up your Twitter status is going to get your brand further & will do more than submitting a headshot or resume. It will be easier to market your resume, headshot & website to casting directors in the city than going to the north side & south side all the time trying to get just a meeting with the right people.

If you are an actor that is doing a student film or a short film that may not be a paying job (we will talk about this later) you have to find your own way to profit off of the experience. Make sure to tweet out your work on a regular basis as well as updates for your work. Many student films will not end up in big theatres or even in film festivals, but can become massive on Twitter or YouTube, depending on your marketing efforts, but we will talk about that later on.

To become strong on Twitter in Chicago, the main key is to not go after a ton of followers. I know it doesn’t sound like the smartest thing to do, but Twitter & Google care about engagements (Twitter retweets, favorites, likes) that people use on your profile & tweets to say that they enjoy your content. The higher amount of engagements that you have, the stronger your Twitter profile becomes in the world of entertainment & the overall scope of Twitter.

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youtube marketing in chicago can lead to great money

Just as in Twitter, for actors, a great calling card is on YouTube. As we have talked before in our previous posts on Los Angeles & New York acting, YouTube is essentially an audition space for your work. If you market it correctly, you can turn those audition monologues, demo reels or film footage into decent money online.

The way to get ahead the quickest, if we are being honest, is buying views, comments & likes just to get yourself ahead early on. The key is to get the views from a legit place that will make your brand & content go viral (hint: Zipper offers those services, shocking!)

In all seriousness though, it is difficult to get your brand up & running early when you first get a social media account & YouTube is no different. YouTube is very similar to other brands as becoming a viral sensation is not just about views, but also getting likes, comments & other forms of engagement that shows that your content is buzzworthy.

As an Chicago actor – or an actor in general, its about buzz. Any kind of buzz. Some kind of buzz that shows that your talent is legitimate & will make SAG, AFTRA & AEA theatres or films want to bring you in. By seeing you in something that is incredibly popular from the start on YouTube, it will make the theatres at least make themselves think about your work & think about why other people are interested in it & bring you in for an audition or an interview.



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When you are putting up your content online, make sure you sign up for Google Adsense – those annoying ads you see sometimes on YouTube videos. You can earn an income on YouTube when you are putting your career together, through a web series, webisode or your demo reels, films & more.

Working in Chicago can be a very rewarding experience no matter what, but the key is to make sure you are prepared to do proper marketing, not being stuck in the old ways of doing business & showing Chicago casting directors that you are ready for primetime.