How Instagram can work for your Business

Are you interested in building your brand on social media? Instagram could be a great fit for you. Social media has become increasingly popular, and many people discover and assess companies of all sizes via Instagram or similar platforms. Instagram offers businesses a way to showcase the their business—from products, to staff members, to workplace activities.

According to Hootsuite, Companies risk being ignored or forgotten if they don’t have a strong Instagram presence, especially among the next generation of consumers. Among American teens, Instagram is actually considered the single most important social network.

What is Instagram good for?

Consumer trends are heading toward more personalized experiences and genuine connections with brands. Instagram is a great way to capitalize on this! You can use it to show off your products and services. Share photos of new or popular items if you sell products, or show your work if you offer services. People love to see what they’re getting!

Try some behind the scenes photos. Show how your products are made or give your audience a peek into your office space. Try putting the spotlight on your employees: congratulate them for a job well done, or share their favorite things about working with the company. Share everyday moments that make your company special.

And try one of the best parts of social media: encourage engagement! Ask your customers to share their photos and tag you in them. It’s awesome to get their take on your products or services, and potential customers love seeing that others are loving your company. Make sure you’re liking or commenting on their photos to encourage them to keep sharing.

Doesn’t Instagram sound useful? We certainly think so! If you’re looking for a new marketing opportunity for your business, grab your smartphone and get started on Instagram!