Automotive SEO Marketing Tips

Buying a car is one of the most important decisions most people are going to make in their lives. Because we’re based in Michigan, we are familiar with the pride and dedication that people put into their vehicles, since Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler have a major presence in the state. When deciding on a purchase, most people will go to a dealership locally to do test drives and look at prices, or they will go to auto shows such as the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, the Chicago Auto Show, the Los Angeles International Auto Show or other smaller shows around their local area to see all of the new and concept cars coming out.

Without question, marketing is one of the biggest areas where a car company is going to spend money. Whether through sales ads in magazines or newspapers, or a 30-second multi-million dollar ad during the SuperBowl or Olympics. People love seeing what the cars can do before paying to get a new car, or a great used car. The day to day marketing, however, happens through the local dealership.

Herein lies the problem—many local dealerships do not do great SEO for their location. Now, the automotive business is different in that they do their best to make sure they are at trade events and auto shows to do networking and to meet local customers. But, the same influencer marketing tips and other social media marketing techniques we have blogged about in the last few days can absolutely work for a dealership, and possibly have even more ROI in the long run.

Car dealerships actually have a great advantage over many other businesses that are going to run advertising campaigns in that dealerships sell something that, at some point, just about everyone in the world needs—cars. The competition is going to be fierce, however, because there are so many different styles and brands of cars. This means that the dealerships are going to have to stand out more than ever in order to get the customers coming in. Which means, brand marketing, and exposing the brand to a bigger audience through online search ranking.

Zipper SEO looks at some of the effective ways that local automotive dealerships can market their brands in a fun, vibrant way, but also save some money in the long run.

optimized youtube video can influence customers even more than tv ads

Most Americans that have access to a DVR or a streaming service are doing everything in their power to avoid commercial advertising. With the exception of sporting events, most companies are not gaining much from television due to people’s watching habits & making sure they pay for upgrades that allow for them to not see ads.

YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world (Google is obviously #1) & YouTube videos get more than 1 billion views each day. A strong video will do more to gain customers, especially the younger ones who are active on YouTube due to the service being available on almost every mobile device in the world.

A great YouTube video or channel can show off different cars in action with test drives, interviews with customers regarding their purchases and experience at the dealership, possible look under the hood with the auto repair team, just a wealth of different ideas that will make for more people to follow the brand & give ideas on how to make the brand better through comments directly from potential customers.


Twitter is the main source in social media for learning about real-time pop culture news & opinions. Brands & influencers that are able to connect with a large world audience with their tweets & brand will have a massive advantage overall due to being able to be in people’s timeline & getting them familiar with your brand.

Cars define so much about our culture. It can show off what someone is about as a person, it can elicit a variety of emotions & feelings from a family of 3 looking to get a vehicle that is bigger for a family trip or a gearhead who is looking to take a vehicle completely apart & put it back together for restoration purposes.

Twitter contains every sector of car fan & potential shopper. With an aggressive Twitter campaign (which can be handled here at Zipper SEO) a dealership’s overall brand locally can skyrocket very quickly & will do strong rankings in local search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing & others.

Effective Google Place Listing can do wonders for car dealerships

Google Places helps with local brick & mortar businesses become found in a general radius. Most car dealerships cater to a local community within a certain mile radius, especially used car places.

An effective Google listing from anywhere around the area where people are looking to get a car immediately will bring in a ton of walk-up traffic & bring attention to your dealership as a strong brand in the industry.

Automotive SEO is one of the most overlooked parts of dealer marketing in all of SEO. If you are a dealer, especially in Michigan & are going to the North American International Auto Show this weekend, you will get some leads, but make sure you have those social media accounts handy & ready to market to your future audience. Your results will be off to a speedy start.