Importance of Website Traffic For Business


For many websites, it is very difficult at first to get traffic going to your website. Most SEO tactics that are available do work for the most part, but not well enough. The biggest reason that anyone does SEO is for the traffic boost. No matter what. There is a solution for this issue when you are a website just starting off—buying traffic.

Many would go against that idea of purchasing traffic visitors, but let’s be honest, it does so much for getting a website traction and being seen online, especially if the visitors are real and are actually clicking around the website a bit. Today, we will break down some of the biggest reasons you should be purchasing website traffic for your SEO campaign to be successful early on.

good website traffic will feature low bounce rate

One of the biggest factors in a website ranking high in Google is having low bounce rate from your traffic. It gives Google the knowledge that your website is gaining interactions through your entire website, which shows that your website is credible and legitimate.

While Google may not openly admit that low bounce rate is key when it comes to ranking high in search, the importance being put on website engagement and Google’s new focus on highly ranking websites which people spend time viewing.

Many website owners will purchase traffic without the low bounce rate, which can actually do far more harm on your website than good, and looks like bot traffic that will end up having terrible search results on particular pages.

Website traffic should have high visit duration

Along with having the low bounce rate, a quality website should also have people that are staying on a website for a long period of time. Normally, visitors stay on a site for around 2-3 minutes when looking around a site for information and possibly longer when browsing through an e-commerce site.

Google has also let us know that along with the low bounce rate, a high visitor duration will also cause website ranking to go up for a particular search term.

The traffic available from Zipper SEO will help your site move up higher in search quickly and will improve your indexing frequency in search engines. Here are some of the traffic packages available from Zipper to boost overall SEO on your website:

2,000 social media visitors

social media traffic

2,000 social media visitors from ZIpper SEO will go far to improve your website rankings in search engines quickly & efficiently. Traffic is available from top social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Google Plus.


50,000 social media website visitors

website traffic

50,000 social media website visitors from Zipper SEO will help your website go viral very quickly & have a massive effect on SERP rankings due to the high retention rate of the visitors & the amount of views at any one time.


When you are thinking about your total SEO campaign, don’t forget about the main reason for doing the SEO in the first place – traffic.