How to Leverage and Increase Domain Authority

Domain authority is a special metric that specifies the power of a domain name on a 100-point scale. It helps to understand how your authority and credibility play into Google’s algorithms and ranking system. Domain authority, developed by Moz, is the best way to determine your website’s power against other sites that share your niche. When your site has a great score, you’ll be ranked higher on Google, and seen as more of an industry expert.

Increasing Domain Authority

Unfortunately, there’s no hard and fast way to ensure your domain authority skyrockets. It’s a sophisticated system that takes many factors into consideration, including the age, popularity, and size of your website. There are, however, a few things you can do to increase your site’s chances for a naturally high DA score!

1. Create Killer Content

Making sure your site is consistently publishing marketable content is a great way to increase your domain authority. Share lots of interesting, powerful content, and you’ll have many websites naturally linking to it. When you readers are sharing and engaging with your content, and when other sites are linking back to your content, your domain authority will reflect that.

2. Polish your SEO

Improving your SEO will bump up your domain authority score. Plus, without great SEO practices, all your great content will fall flat. SEO isn’t the most exciting part of running a successful business for some people, but we happen to think it’s one of the most important. Keep your foundation strong! You have to make sure your SEO is top notch before you’ll see results in your DA score.

3. Backlink Wisely

Make sure that you’re getting great backlinks from a variety of websites. Many marketers make the mistake of trying to get too many backlinks from the same domain. Instead, reaching out to a number of great websites will help position you more favorably. Try guest posting, to increase your exposure. Otherwise, just keep creating great content!

4. Use Internal Links

When creating content and considering domain authority, don’t forget to link appropriate content from your own website! Increase ease for the reader and the power of new pages by linking to your own popular, high authority pages. Internal links will point people in the direction of relevant content on your website, and also share authority between the pages of your site. Remember to keep your internal links natural.

5. Be Patient

Increasing domain authority can take some time, especially with the weight the metric places on the age of a domain. Keep using best practices, regularly audit what is working for you and what isn’t, and wait. Soon enough, your domain authority score will show the efforts of all your hard work!

Once you have all these things in order, you’ll begin to see your domain authority score rise. As that happens, you’ll see and increase in authentic website views and also an increase in your bottom line!