Las Vegas SEO, Twitter Marketing Tips

Without question, the entertainment capital of the world is Las Vegas. From big time boxing and UFC fights to some of the greatest comedy, concerts, and variety shows anywhere, Vegas has proven again and again to be the place to go to have a good time. You can eat great food, see things you don’t see everyday, and do a little bit of gambling.

Over the last few years, many people from around the world have relocated to Las Vegas due to job positions being created and so much land being available to grow a business. These companies have to make sure their Las Vegas SEO and overall social media marketing is strong, in order to survive in one of the fastest paced cities in the world.

Today, we are going to cover some of the basic ideas of the local SEO marketing of Las Vegas, and how to make sure you are getting the best out of your marketing efforts.

Be familiar with las vegas shows

There are many shows all around the strip and other parts of Las Vegas every night of the week. Many times, Sunday through Thursday, there are low prices on many different performances. In some cases, tickets are given away for free by certain websites to make sure the buildings are filled to capacity!

A great way to market your business, especially on Twitter, Facebook, and other forms of social media, is to offer a deal for those who can show a ticket stub from the show. If the business is directly on the strip, it would be easy to put out a notice or social media post saying that you will offer something free or highly discounted, thus being able to draw in the foot traffic crowd from the show as they go to their hotel or on to the casino or nightclub.

restaurants/Food trucks can do well with las vegas seo

There is so much activity throughout the night on the Las Vegas strip, and one of the big businesses are food trucks. Most food trucks are stationed in a particular area around the strip, and some go to different parts of the strip throughout the night. For the owners of the food trucks, strong social media marketing can be a major help.

As mentioned earlier, along with having a special deal for those are something specific on the strip that evening, it would be easy to run a Twitter or Facebook campaign advertising a food special or your menu online for the night. With so many people having access to social media and using social media to plan out their evening in Vegas, people will use Google search or social media to find out what is happening close to their location at the moment.

While many food trucks probably can’t do much local Las Vegas SEO because of lack of address possibly, gaining influence & credibility on Twitter & Facebook will ensure that people will follow you & will be looking for your exact location each night.

small business brands can thrive in las vegas

With so many major corporations having a stake in making Las Vegas what it has become, many of those large companies have high prices to justify staying operational & making a strong profit over time.

The need for the big corporations to be strong opens the door for small businesses to have a major impact in Las Vegas & being there for people in between all of the action at casinos, hotels & shows.

Having a strong Twitter & Facebook campaign is strong, but in this case, we are talking more about the basic brick & mortar business, which the includes the need for a local SEO campaign, complete with a Google Places listing. The strip is very long & even directly off the strip, there is quite a bit of competition. A great way to compensate for that competition is enticing your visitor to leave Google or Facebook reviews on your business. A business with great reviews & ratings on Google & Facebook will gain invaluable trust from potential customers.

take advantage of events in new t-mobile arena in las vegas

The new arena facility in Las Vegas – T-Mobile Arena – will open on April 6 with The Killers performing. For businesses, this is a great marketing opportunity to gain a new set of fans coming into the area in masses looking for a variety of things to do before & after the event is over.

Over time, there will be major sports events, probably professional teams moving into the arena on a regular basis (it is rumored that the NHL is possibly getting a team in Vegas) along with big concerts, UFC cards & more events that will bring in approximately 20,000 people per event, which means 20,000 people who may be looking for a variety of things to do around their experience at T-Mobile Arena.


There are many ways to implement social marketing into your SEO strategy in Las Vegas, but the key is to make sure you are using social media no matter what to make sure you are part of the fabric that makes Las Vegas what it is.