Los Angeles SEO Tips For 2016

Los Angeles is the second largest media market in the United States, and without question one of the most pivotal communities for businesses of all sizes. With over 17 million people in the greater Los Angeles area, the importance for SEO and social media interaction is essential.

When doing SEO in L.A., you have to be truly sure you are geographically relevant to the area where you are going to do your marketing. With so many different parts of Los Angeles and the southern California area, local marketing is going to be important to gain a particular segment of the population to support your business. Los Angeles has many areas that give small business owners the chance to make quite a bit of money in almost any industry possible. Today, we will talk a bit about a few tips that can help quite a bit when you are marketing in the beautiful place known as the “City of Angels.”

los angeles is home to the most actors & entertainers in the united states

When most people think of Los Angeles, they think of Hollywood—which means lots of actors, movies, TV shows, music, and the place where dreams come true. In previous posts regarding the acting industry, we discuss how the entertainment world has to have a certain style of marketing. In the regular business world, it is important to use your SEO and social media marketing to cater to the people who may be coming through and using your business on a regular basis at all hours of the night—the actors.

At some point during their career, an actor is going to need just about one of everything imaginable for a role or an audition for a role. It is very likely that actors will come to your business at some point or another—the important thing is to know that your SEO and Google search placement is going to be vital because most performers are always on a time crunch. You want to make sure you know your neighborhood and be visible, so that they don’t have to search exhaustively for your business on Google.

A big reason to know where the actors are situated in Los Angeles is possible endorsement opportunities. Actors and celebrities in general carry a lot of weight in Los Angeles and the United States in general, so if you have a great business that a performer finds on their day-to-day interactions, they will be more apt to tweet or Facebook your business and mention that they had great service at your establishment. That type of endorsement alone will do wonders for your business.

los angeles suburbs are just as marketable for seo as city

Many people who live in L.A. don’t actually live in city limits. They live in Santa Monica, Westwood, Beverly Hills & other various parts of the area. With many people living in those area & the cities having so many stores, businesses & anything an average person would need to live comfortably, lots of Los Angeles residents don’t go into the city most days.

Not to say that there wouldn’t be competition for your business & in SEO, because Los Angeles is so massive that there is going to some kind of company that will go right against you, but being in the suburban areas & targeting on specific neighborhoods in the area will help your ROI. Some businesses & marketing campaigns don’t have to be the best in all of Los Angeles – most times you will end up spending a ton of money & time focusing on getting #1 for a Los Angeles-based business if it is something you have a lot of competition for (we will discuss that later).

For example, if your business is in Santa Monica, make sure you are marketing for directly around your business. We would typically say in a traditional SEO campaign, if you can rank high in Google local searches approximately 20-30 miles around your business address, that is a strong, successful campaign that will help bring people in the door or to your website. Because of the sheer size of Los Angeles, the rules of SEO are different in that getting directly in Los Angeles is not always the best way to do business when you are optimizing a listing. Even having many Google places reviews & great ratings around you, your business could still be ranking low on the search engines listings.  With 17 million people in the metropolitan area, anywhere your business is located is a prime opportunity to succeed locally.

stay on top of all social media (twitter, youtube, facebook, etc)

Los Angeles is one of the most trendy, pop culture-loving places in the world, so in order for your business to gain any traction & get people buzzing, stay in people’s social media conscious is vital to your success.

One of the best ways to do a strong local campaign is through having a social media account on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Periscope & other places. As you may know, social is the new SEO – hands down. So many people in Los Angeles, especially those between 18-34, which is the key demographic to gain for any business, are using social media to get all of their news, opinions & video to see what is going on the world.

It is pretty simple – make sure your social media marketing campaign is directly engaging with those in the area of Los Angeles that you want to build your relationships with, especially with influencer marketing. With so many large businesses & startups in the L.A. area, there is a great chance to network on social media with influencers – people on social media who have a strong following & can draw engagements to their profile through their chosen industry. Influencers are crucial for brands to get their message out to thousands of people & for the message to be taken seriously.


At the end of the day, SEO & social media marketing can definitely be done in Los Angeles – just make sure to break L.A. down into smaller segments. In SEO, sometimes, less is more.