New York Actors – SEO, Theatre & Film – The Marriage Part 3

New York acting is one of the most exciting, yet challenging things that a performer will ever do to enhance their life as an actor. New York is very different than Los Angeles in that New York has a very strong film and theatre world, where Los Angeles is focused primarily on theatre.

Theatre is the truest form of entertainment created, as it has been around almost as long as the world has been functional. Theatre is simply just live entertainment, telling a story of fiction or re-created acts based on a true story. Theatre comes in all forms—musicals, classical, contemporary, Shakespearean, improv comedy—all different forms. New York thrives on this, especially with Broadway being the hub of theatre acting in the United States.

Actors from all around the world go to New York with their dream being of getting into a big show on Broadway, or even off-Broadway. Now there is even off-off-Broadway! There are many forms of stage entertainment in the New York City actors, unfortunately, there are far more actors than there are roles.

This is where SEO and social media comes into play. The marketing for a theatre actor is similar to a film actor, but also very different. While theatre actors can have some scenes for their demo reel, in theatre, its all about live auditioning, and being able to do well with long monologues and songs.

YouTube is key for new york theatre actors

A great way for a theatre actor to promote themselves on YouTube is to record themselves doing a variety of different monologues. In most audition situations, theatre actors are required to do some kind of monologue, normally one contemporary and one either classical or musical. Recording a great monologue that a performer can market and make viral on YouTube is a great way for different theatres (especially Equity houses) to see your work and realize that you are a serious threat as a talented performer!

In New York, this idea is definitely more prevalent. With the competition being so fierce in every area of New York to get work, it is crucial that an actor uses all of the tools available to them online to push themselves ahead of the competition. Even in a live performance situation, casting directors and agents want to cast people who could get people purchasing tickets and giving great reviews.

Theatre, in our opinion, is far more political than film is. This is due to having more access directly to the people who are going to be casting you and having it be more of a team effort, where as in a film, even though you have a full cast, there are many situations where you don’t see many of your co-stars because of filming schedules.

In theatre, you are with your cast mates and directors throughout the entire duration of a show. There is time for situations to happen and people to develop likes and dislikes much faster than in a film. It is much more important to come off with a positive demeanor and attitude, which is why having strong videos and a chance for people to get a glimpse of your personality is important in a YouTube video or video series.

Soundcloud is key for musical theatre actors

YouTube and Soundcloud have done wonders for the entertainment industry, especially in music. If you have a great singing voice and look to do well in musical theatre, YouTube and Soundcloud marketing could be your ticket to doing great things in that industry.

Years ago, before social media became what it is now, people would mail out their demo reels to agents & casting directors all over New York & Los Angeles. Sometimes it worked, many times it didn’t. With singing, it isn’t so much about the acting side of things, but just how good a musical theatre actor’s voice is & can it be trained for a particular show.

While you can record yourself on YouTube doing a song, many times in theatre & in music, people want to just hear the voice, with no idea of the looks of the person. Many casting directors & agents want to just focus on the talent instead of the cosmetics. Soundcloud is amazing for this because of the fact that it only plays music & podcast, no video whatsoever.

If you have several songs & tracks that you would like to market & get many plays on, uploading them to Soundcloud & doing some Soundcloud marketing – getting plays, comments & followers – is a great marketing tool. It is much easier to email, put up a marketing or tweet over a Soundcloud link to a casting director or director of a show than to have to send over a complete marketing package, spend a ton of money & possibly not see a return on investment.

There are many different ways to make it in entertainment & New York has all of the elements for someone to be a star. The key is to make sure to use all of the different elements available to you.