Why No Follow Links are as Important as Follow Links

Are you familiar with the difference between a no follow link and a follow links? We’re going to clear things up right now, so you can make sure you are benefitting from no follow links.

First off, what’s a follow link?

When a site has an inbound link pointing to one of its pages, the page gets a small SEO boost. That boost is also known as authority or link juice. Google pays close attention to the authority of pages so they can provide their users with the most helpful pages. The more links pointing back to a page, the more Google is confident that people are connecting with the content on that page.

Follow links are these links that provide link juice to sites or pages through hyperlinks. These links directly boost the page they link to.

Now what’s a no follow link?

No follow is an attribute of HTML that alters a link so that it will not add any authority to the page or site it links to. The HTML looks like this:

<a href="http://www.website.com/" rel="nofollow">Link Text</a>

It tells search engines: pay no attention to this link! No follow links were created because of the intense amount of spam links, comments, etc. created when people began to discover what follow links could do for their site’s ranking in Google. This allows Google’s search ranking quality to suffer less from spam links.

So how are no follow links helpful for your business?

  1. No follow links build awareness.
    Links, whether follow or no follow, raise awareness of your site. Whether someone is recommending your products or services, talking about new businesses in their area, or sharing information about your company, everyone who reads what they’ve written hears about you and has an easy way to click over to your site and explore for themselves. That’s always great!
  2. No follow links bring engagement.
    Every link out there has a chance to bring new people to your site, and often they are the right people. They may click around a bit, follow your social media, or email with a question. This is great! Your site traffic increases, but you also have made an impression on someone who was genuinely interested and could become a paying customer at some point.
  3. No follow links make your site look natural
    If your site has thousands of follow links and not a single no follow link, Google gets a little suspicious. You could be penalized for fabricating backlinks. By using no follow links intelligently, you’ll be able to vary your links and you’ll be less likely to have any penalty from Google. Your traffic will also be more authentic.

As you can see, no follow links can be just as important as follow links! Don’t shy away from them, because the rewards can be incredible.