Orlando SEO Tips For Small Businesses

It is no secret that Orlando, Florida is one of the biggest tourist spots in the world, especially with Disney World, Universal Studios, waterparks, and other attractions all around the area drawing in people by the hundreds of thousands each day. Orlando has great weather, and no matter what time of the year it is, it will draw in visitors. If you are a small business operating in the Orlando area, one thing you need outside of low prices, water, and souvenirs to sell is excellent SEO.

With having all of the attractions in the area, SEO—especially local SEO—is extremely important for a business, due to the opportunities it offers. Anytime you are looking to open a small business in a massive tourist area that will offer useful service to a visitor—like hotels, restaurants, banks, and local grocery stores—there is great opportunity to grow, but also intense competition from all sides. If your local SEO is not strong for Orlando tourists, you could end up losing large amounts of potential revenue from people who have deep pockets and are ready to spend.

Today, we have a few tips for small businesses looking to open their business in the Orlando area, including how to get your business in a position that will help bring in customers on a consistent basis, and take advantage of the Disney/Universal/SeaWorld crowd.

With so much foot traffic around the theme parks and other resort areas in greater Orlando, being strong in mobile search for smartphones is crucial to local Orlando SEO. Many people will not have access to desktop systems until the end of a long day and will look for new businesses while they are on the walk or drive, especially if they are looking to cool off in the heat or get some food if they don’t want to pay the big prices in the park. Having a mobile-friendly website is essential, and is a no-brainer in today’s Google rules; having a mobile app that ranks high in search for the Orlando tourists searching is a slam dunk in terms of getting attention for your business!

Along with all of the tourism in the area, the local business for the residents is a key factor in doing business in Orlando, with over 1.6 million people in the greater Orlando area, making it the 26th largest metropolitan area in the United States. Even though Orlando has only a bit over 250,000 people in the actual city of Orlando, because of Universal & other resorts and tourist spots, the city can easily see over 1.5 to 2 million people per day, with the majority going in & out because of tourism. For a small business, having that amount of people in the area searching for a variety of different services is a marketers’ dream. Doing internet marketing in Orlando will always help to establish a presence in the different communities & show that you can have value to the local residents & definitely the tourists in the area.

As we mentioned earlier, mobile SEO is important when users are looking around the area for different services, but another important part of a great local SEO campaign is having a powerful & influential Twitter account that is optimized by a strong local marketing campaign. Social media marketing is always important, but having a great small business that can be strong on Twitter will have a great ROI in the immediate run, even more than on Facebook or Google Plus.

Twitter SEO

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Twitter allows for people to communicate directly with each other & with so many millennials using Twitter to get news & information, having a local business that is in any proximity to Orlando or the theme parks that is actively promoting their deals & business on Twitter is important for the instant marketing impact of a tweet to people all over the world. Facebook is still a great social tool for promotion, however, but in our experiences, its not as instant as Twitter can be & with people who are looking for something immediately & looking to express their like or dislike for something in an instant, Twitter will have the instant impact & opportunity for a business to win over customers quickly.

For the local SEO, another important element to have as a small business is a Google Places listing IN the Orlando city limits. The city limits is important because even though you can register as a service area if you don’t use an actual address (we suggest if you have a regular brick & mortar business, use your address), it won’t automatically show up right in the area, it will show up for your suburban area or exactly where you registered your listing in the first place to verify it.

Orlando SEO

Having a Google Places optimized listing in Orlando will help drive up business traffic from tourists coming to visit the area.

When doing a Google Places package, you will want to get an address that is as close to your major business point as possible. If you don’t have a location in that area, we suggest getting a virtual address in Orlando, just to make sure you are getting the maximum amount of traffic from the tourists as possible. With all of the other SEO techniques, it is almost a guarantee that you will gain some real traffic from people who are at least willing to try your business & products, thus willing to review your business on Google, Twitter, Facebook, Yelp or other places that will give your business credibility & keep it in the back of tourists minds for when they come back.

As a small note, when you are marketing, keep in mind that because of the hotel rates being higher for tourists in areas, even if you have a business that is located in Kissimmee or Clearmont, there is still the opportunity to gain much traffic from the people who want to get away from all of the commotion & craziness of the Orlando crowd that is there for tourism reasons.

No matter what, make sure that your marketing is consise & has a clear understanding of the audience you are trying to bring in in Orlando. There is much room for growth in Disney & Universal country, just make sure you are getting the tourists attention to matter what.