Zipper Studio

bricks fuel & market brand design


The arrival of Bricks Fuel & Market in Hudsonville was met with great enthusiasm by the community. Recognizing the importance of brand cohesion, owner Brad sought a design partner to translate his vision into a reality. Bricks Fuel & Market positions itself as an upscale establishment, and Brad prioritized a design that seamlessly integrated not only interior architecture but also branding elements. In addition to this new Hudsonville location, they also have 2 stores in Campau Corner & Alto, Michigan which have also been updated with this new look.

The design process began with the creation of a logo and brand identity, which then served as the foundation for a comprehensive design strategy. This strategy encompassed everything from store signage and digital displays to ordering kiosks, full window advertisements, and more. Our design approach focused on the customer journey, encompassing every touchpoint from the gas pumps (visible through colors & graphics) to the inviting cafe/market  entrance and user-friendly ordering kiosks for fresh food options. By prioritizing a holistic design experience, our goal was to enhance customer satisfaction at every step of their visit.


Project Name
Logo Design
Outdoor Signage
Fuel Stations & Advertisements
Dynamic LCD Digital Displays
Market Digital Screen Menus
Sub-brand logo Cafe
Sub-brand logo for Beer Cave
Sub-brand logo for Rewards Program
Customer Journey Labels/Signs
Dispenser Graphics
Full Length Window Signs
Ordering Kiosks
Outdoor Digital Sign Rotating
Hot & Cold Cup Designs