YouTube SEO For Actors & Models

In the world of entertainment, the main way to make your success is through one thing: marketing. All forms of marketing. Marketing in ways that make you, as a performer, director, model or producer stand out. Whether its getting headshots, body shots, demo reels or websites, if you are not marketing yourself all over New York, Los Angeles, Chicago or wherever else, you will not survive & become an afterthought in a competitive industry.

Interestingly enough, the same rules tend to apply in the world of building online businesses. The key to it all is marketing. Different form of it, sure, but the name of the game is being seen more than the competitor – just as acting.

So, the question comes into play……….why haven’t more actors embraced the idea of SEO to gain the attention of agents & casting directors around the world to their work & talent? We aren’t sure why, but in today’s post, we are going to talk about some of the different ways that actors can go about using SEO & social media optimization to get ahead in the industry. Some of the staff members here at Zipper Studio are SAG/AFTRA/AEA members & have had to learn the tips of the trade the tough way in many cases & we are excited to share those ideas with you.

YouTube Helps Get rid of the old school ways of getting in front of casting directors/agents.

One of the biggest things that is considered a concern in Hollywood is that there are many people who are liars & who make actors go with the runaround & use their dreams & aspirations of being a successful, working actor against them, costing thousands of dollars in marketing materials that won’t go anywhere. Most successful marketing for an actor can truly be done directly from home & without having to snail mail anything.

As most actors know, it is important to have a good headshot for your promotion, but so many still mail out their resume to many casting directors & agents. Casting directors have an address for a short time during the run of a production they are working on & agents, especially the power ones from William Morris Endeavor, Paradigm, CAA & others are completely flooded out with hundreds of thousands of submissions weekly.

Today’s performers are being seen in other ways that don’t involve moving out to Los Angeles & New York, having to pay the upfront costs in getting an apartment, a job that you won’t be happy with & taking tons of classes that won’t always help. In many cities across the country, there are an extensive amount of acting, improv & theatre classes & shows you can participate in without leaving the comforts of home.

Over the next few days, we will talk about a few different things that performers can do make sure that they are being seen in the greatest light & truly gain control over their own career working with Zipper Studio & our special actor services.

Part 1: YouTUbe marketing is everything for the actor.

Every film actor wants to have their work seen by as many people as humanly possible. Every young producer wants to get their work in front of as many important eyes as possible. What more & more people are finally realizing is the big, glaring elephant in the room – people are not going to movie theatres as much as they used to. They are watching content on streaming services such as Netflix & Hulu. People are wanting to stay at home more & have “Netflix & Chill” nights with their family or as a date night.

While you still need to have some kind of studio deal with Netflix, Hulu or Amazon to get your content listed, one service is open to everyone to upload content – YouTube. Here are a few quick stats about YouTube:

  • YouTube has over 1 billion users worldwide
  • YouTube & YouTube Mobile reaches more users age 18-49 than any cable network
  • 80% of YouTube views are from outside the United States
  • 320 days of YouTube views are seen on Facebook every minute of the day
  • 1 billion mobile YouTube videos are viewed each day
  • 72% of millenials use YouTube
  • 95% of smart TVs have YouTube as an app

You get the idea……..YouTube is a massive entertainment brand in any way, shape or form. And, at the core, is designed for user-generated content & has a platform for people to make money off of their own content.

So, for an actor, it simply means that they have the opportunity to create their own destiny & own their own ability to have a strong career without Hollywood.

Part 2: Have your own movie party at your own home on your own youtube network.

On YouTube, many people began making money off of doing simple 3-5 minute videos over crazy things. Over time, people began to make full short films & now people are beginning to get into the feature film game online. Many actors & directors who are starting off in film schools have to make films as part of an assignment most times & make films that go into film festivals.

The problem with the film festivals is that filmmakers/actors have to spend so much money to even apply for the festival & the odds of getting in are very slim-to-none. On YouTube, you control the content that you put up. If you want to make a short film or feature film & get it in front of the masses, you can.

If you can put together quality content, with good film cameras & solid writing that you would have for any type of film that you would be selling to executives or trying to get into theaters, it will be successful.

No matter what platform there is, people want to watch quality content. If you would feel comfortable putting your film & web series in film festivals & you have taken the proper channels to make it as appealing & good looking as possible, then it will be a hit online.

Part 3: Take some of that promotion money & Invest in building YouTube channel & Videos.

Another great part about YouTube videos & channels that people don’t want to talk about in the industry is that you can control your own YouTube marketing. At Zipper Studio, we offer YouTube marketing packages where you can purchase quality views, comments, likes & more that will help to get your content viral in a quick fashion. Our YouTube marketing strategies will help boost your career to a new level & bring eyes to your content – including those in the entertainment industry.

One thing about the industry – no matter what, its all about popularity & who has some kind of buzz at the time. If you are able to market your YouTube content to a level where millions of people see your work, you will gain the eyes of the main decision-makers in Hollywood & anywhere else.

We will have more later this week on making money with YouTube & how to do a good demo reel & website that you can make viral.