SEO For Actors Part 2 – Making Money On YouTube

In an earlier post, we talked about why actors needed to get their work on YouTube & how it could truly make their career leap further than ever before. This post will talk about how to actually make money on YouTube & why there are so many people who truly make a great living being on the world’s largest video platform & second largest search engine.

First off, let’s take a look at the life of an actual actor. There are actors all around the world, in some way. They may do local theater, film or modeling, but if you ask them, there is a strong sense of pride in being an actor. The work, the sweat, the pride in working their way to having just the opportunity to be recognized as a great performer.

youtube helps actor life

There are also performers who have moved to New York, Chicago or Los Angeles & do everything in their power just to get by. Actors in these areas made the life move to go to these areas to be closer to agents, casting directors & ultimately, auditions. With the cost of living being so high in these areas, many people end up moving in together, 2-3 or 5-6 in an apartment or house at a time to make ends meet. Many people have heard & seen the stories about having to take every job possible that allowed for them to make sure they are able to go to auditions at any time. When there is a casting or an audition, many times, actors are called in spur of the moment & if you are not able to get in at that time, you lose a potential life-changing opportunity.

This is where YouTube has come in. Many times when actors are starting out, you work on unpaid work to build up your credibility & demo reel. YouTube came in & said that they will pay creators from them using Google Adsense. Adsense is a system where people can create content, whether its a blog or video on YouTube, & will get paid for it. The more views that your video receives, the more that you can earn on YouTube.

In 2015, the highest paid performer (Pewdiepie) earned just over $10 million dollars off of talking about video games. Video. Games. And just being himself.

That is a way to go, but we want to create more of a career path with this post. As an actor, it is important to know how to produce your own content. Whether its a webseries, short film or feature film, the best way to have control on your career is to know how to create quality content (as we said before, the same type of equipment & production that would want to send to a festival), SEO & today’s form of internet marketing.

YouTube financial key for actors

In order to make a true dent on YouTube, you have to boost your rankings, views & user interactions. With the money that is typically spent by a performer or a producer when it comes to marketing, that money could go into boosting YouTube interaction & become a much stronger force in the entertainment world. Now, we aren’t saying this because we offer YouTube boosts, but the numbers suggest it. The top 1000 YouTube channels average income is $23,000 per month off of advertising alone.

So yes, it is absolutely possible to make great money on YouTube, but, like anything else, you have to invest in it to get money out of it. YouTube will not pay people big money unless their content is “viral” enough to bring in big money, ala – a million views or more. Which is why your next venture should be a YouTube movie or series. It is easy to avoid having to deal with the studios or the back office politics of making a production, plus, you can be in control of who is working on your project & not have to listen to agents or casting directors. If you have faith in a project & other actors, then market it strong on YouTube & enjoy the benefits.

Maybe you don’t have a film to make right now; you can have a custom film reel made (we will expand on this more in the future) with your custom scenes on it & make it viral. No matter what happens, you can control your overall destiny & your career. Don’t fall for the old Hollywood tales – look for the Silicon Valley hope.