SEO Rules & Trends for 2016 – Part 2

After a very positive response to Part 1 of our SEO trends articles for 2016, its now time for part 2 of our piece. If you remember, we talked about the effects of social media, clicks & how they are going to be incredibly important over the next few months going into 2016.

Today, we will look at the trends that have been talked about for a long period of time, but are just as important as ever in a successful SEO campaign for any website.

WEbsite Structure – foundation for proper seo

When we talk about website structure, its not so much about the content of the page, but how the page is laid out from the beginning. Most blogs & business sites use WordPress now & WordPress means excellent site structure no matter what. A proper site should be structured in such a way that when Google or other search engines crawl your website, it looks at is as a directory as opposed to individual pages.

Website structure should flow, very similar to the plinko board on “Price is Right.” In the game, the object that slid down the board to go to the right prize money area moved its way through the board, weaving down until it hit the bottom of the page. That is what Google essentially does with its crawlers – move their way from the homepage of the website through the rest of the site.

Pages that have the .html at the end of the site are seen as roadblocks for Google’s crawlers because it sees those pages are individual pages as opposed to one massive directory that has sub-directories with information. When Google sees a page with the .html, it tends to stop crawling unless that page has backlinks that are d0-follow or internal links that will help it find the rest of the content.

When the SEO site structure is properly configured, even the slightest bit of web traffic & original content will help to rank a website. Affiliate websites (such as Amazon associate sites) normally can rank well when they have the original content (such as custom product descriptions), blogs & proper site structure.

Facebook Is going to have less of an impact.

Ok, before you decide to click away from here, just hear us out. Facebook is without question the largest social networking website in the world, but for whom? You don’t hear about many 18-34 year old using Facebook as much for brand recognition – or for much of anything.

The issues with the changes in the site, the relationship status awkwardness, odd exes stalking & going over to other forms of social media such as Twitter & Instagram have taken away some of the buzz from Facebook over the last couple of years.

This is not to say that it won’t have some kind of an overall impact on a website, but we think that Google Plus – at least for business – is going to have a far greater impact. When Google Plus created the system a couple years ago, it was to jump into the social media space. It worked for a slight minute, but not as much as they thought it would. But, crazy business & SEO people like us see the bigger impact in terms of business recognition online.

Google Plus is going to naturally rank higher in search because of the Google Places system & the dependency on local SEO factors for small businesses.

Facebook is not going to go away, however, as the social site is still very popular with the 35+ audience, but if businesses truly want to get the attention of the 18-34 audience that every business covets in some way, they will have to focus on other social media sites.

Social media pages such as Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat & other social media apps are more conducive to swaping photos & constantly being focused on pictures. Facebook still focuses on content on pages, & with our society being a very visual one & with shorter attention spans, businesses have to know where the clients are & the clients are putting selfies everywhere, as quickly as possible.

More young people are deciding to get rid of their Facebook altogether due to so much being available in the world to stalk on on a regular basis & younger people are realizing that they probably need to get rid of Facebook altogether to have complete privacy & not have as much crazy posts shown.

local seo will just become seo.

With many SEO firms, people wanted to rank on the top page in the entire world for particular keywords & pages. Well, we have evolved & now businesses and many bloggers would rather just rank locally, where they will have a better chance of drawing clients in as opposed to trying to being a massive corporation overnight.

Most businesses that are brick-and-mortar and deal with service items such as taxis, restaurants, motels, & other mom-and-pop style stores only need to have business from their local community to have a very profitable year.

Many SEO companies who may not have the capabilities to do much with their SEO campaigns nationally can normally do quite a bit with local SEO to rank in a particular city or small community. This is going to be the norm as opposed to an exception.

For more information, check out our other blog posts & SEO products all around our website. Good luck in your SEO endeavors.