SEO, Theatre & Film: The Marriage – Part 1 – Intro

When a person decides they want to go into the wacky world of entertainment, whether its film, theatre, television, or becoming a filmmaker, its not because its a pastime or a hobby. Its a way of life. It is something that is in your blood. It is in your DNA. With all of the ups & downs that come with that line of work, there has to be a certain way of thinking that helps to make you want to be in the most stacked-odds industry in the world.

Over the last 30 or so years, the way to get into the entertainment business, particularly the film & theatre industries, was a variety of ways, none of which don’t always go according to plan. You would have to send in your headshot & resume (resume lasered or stapled to the back of the headshot facing out, like it matters), hope that a casting director or an agent saw your work & even just gave you half of a shot to make it in the industry, especially if you lived far away.

Speaking of living situation, according to the rules of the game, you have to live in New York or Los Angeles, sometimes Chicago if you are strictly in theatre. Many people look to go into the film game, so its New York or Los Angeles. The rule & way of life was that you became a waiter or waitress in a restaurant or some other kind of crazy job in order to support your headshots, resume printing & it had to be a job that you could leave at the drop of a hat for an audition because agents normally call & give you either an hour or two to get to your location (which if you live in New York or Los Angeles, its difficult to get to a locale) or you get the audition the night before & you find someone who can work for you.

Those were the rules. You stuck to them & that was that because you didn’t want to upset the system because of the idea that you could be blackballed in the entire industry because, just as any major industry, people gossip. Most of it ends up being lies, but the gossip happens. The opportunity to be a star has gone away just in that instant.

Fast forward a bit into the 2000s, particularly into the social media/internet world. The new opportunities are now here & its called YouTube. YouTube is quickly becoming a way for people to make their own content & get it out to a mass amount of people. Over time, it has become apparent that actors can use this tool to become better performers & get the opportunities that agents & casting directors told them they couldn’t have.

The power is starting to go back to the actors in both film & theatre. Now, the marketing has gone strictly online & your work can be seen by the entire world. Its not about the casting directors who won’t travel to Florida, Iowa or Kansas to see a potential star in a play, just put it online. Or if you have a great headshot or resume, it doesn’t have to be mailed out, it can be seen online.

Over the next few blog posts, we will go in-depth about how people in both the film, television & theatre industries can be helped by using technology & social media to their advantage. This information will come from people who not only have been strong in the technology world, but are also SAG/AFTRA/AEA members who have had the invaluable opportunity of seeing the industry upclose & personal.

Enjoy the ride & let’s hopefully make some more superstars through one of the greatest artforms of all time, entertainment.