SEO Rules Going Into 2016 – Part 1

In today’s SEO world, there are so many articles out there about all different local SEO, Twitter, YouTube & backlink tactics to rank websites now. Everyone talks about backlinks, social signals, clicks, etc. Its almost like if your company even looks close to credible, you can put out some SEO tactics that aspiring bloggers & e-commerce store operators will love to listen to & will most likely follow to some degree.

At Zipper, we focus on simply the SEO techniques that are proven to work. That we have used in our own efforts to make work. SEO is constantly changing & evolving each & everyday, so to try and figure out every single thing that Google focuses on to rank a website would be absolutely absurd. In 2015, we began to make more concrete ideas on certain SEO tactics that tend to work on a regular basis no matter what the situation or what kind of penalty Google puts out or new math algorithm to rank a site.

In so many subtle ways, Google is telling us exactly how to work a website & what is going to matter in the future & in the now. So, going into the holiday season, many small businesses & corporations will be looking over their SEO setup & wondering what they can do to really get their site to the top of search engines around the world. Today’s post will talk about the definitive SEO tactics needed to rank your website in the top of search engines. Thankfully, we offer these services here at Zipper SEO Studio! 🙂

WEbsite, twitter, youtube & Google Plus engagement matters

In 2014, we began doing plenty of work on our websites & domains we had in our possession at the time & we noticed that having great traffic with low bounce rates – meaning high interaction with your site – really boosted up the site’s rankings in search engines, long before we thought about improving click-through rates. If your position is high from the start, the budget needed for Adwords won’t need to be as much, due to not needing to move up so many positions to pass everyone.

Google wants to see visitor & traffic engagement on websites & on social media. Engagement on social media – particularly on Twitter & YouTube. Google & Twitter have an agreement in place where Google can see Twitter’s data in the sense of seeing what is trending, who has strong social signals & which Twitter profiles are the most relevant to watch in terms of real user engagement. Twitter retweets, favorites & likes – also known as Twitter engagements – are used to gauge the strength & interest of your website. Your engagement rate are all of the engagements divided by the amount of followers your profile has. The top brands typically have around 1-2% engagement rate so anything above that is going to look strong in the eyes of search engines.

For websites, having good traffic that interacts with your website & clicks around is going to help your overall SEO strategy to a massive degree, as well as a great cost measure. It is more financially responsible to get strong traffic for your website that will move through it & see the various pages than trying to do Google Adwords campaigns that may not help out in the long-term SEO strategy due to having to constantly bid on that top space.

In terms of YouTube, it may be the biggest & most effective SEO strategy due to being owned by Google & video is known to rank higher in search engines than even websites. Having high views, subscribers, comments & more will help your business much more. On top of that, with YouTube Red being available, YouTube & Google are putting more emphasis on retention & higher view times for videos from users, which is going to directly effect how much users are going to make from Google Adsense shares & YouTube Red subscriber shares.

Google Plus & Google Places (now Google Business) are important SEO factors in that they are important for local SEO campaigns, which are seen in many parts of the web as more important than a national SEO effort due to so many small businesses that typically cater to just the immediate communities around them (nightclubs, bars, restaurants, etc).

organic click-through rates (CTR) have better long-term success in seo.

In 2015, it was solidified that CTR percentages are going to be the #1 factor in a website’s overall SEO gameplan. 2016 will be no different. Sites that have natural clicks from real people & having high interaction once the clicks are made will boost up the website’s overall SEO & will land your website on the top positions on Google. Google will see your website as an authority in a particular subject area, which is becoming more & more important to Google & search engines around the world, especially with the rise of mobile apps & mobile search.

Sites that tend to have 10% or higher CTR rate (depending on your industry) will do well in SEO over the long-term. This is more important than the Adwords campaigns in our opinion – not that Adwords doesn’t have a place, but Adwords is more important for an immediate boost. But, once the time frame of having that top position is over, there will need to be more bids placed in order to keep that positioning.

Having organic CTR rates will be strong in terms of the overall success & conversion rate of your business & with being in a high organic SERP position, will help develop your overall brand & identity.


We will have more tommorow regarding these rules & more tricks for your website & brand.