Zipper Studio features the best in SEO services for your company's website & social media accounts. Whether it is getting your website to the top of Google, Yahoo & Bing for thousands of keywords or optimizing your Twitter, YouTube or Soundcloud track, Zipper takes your brand to the highest levels possible.

Search Engine Optimization Solutions

Zipper Studio provides the best in SEO solutions, making sure your website is ranking for many keywords in Google, Yahoo & Bing. Your website will begin ranking for long-tail & short form keywords within days of our work beginning on your website.

Review Site Structure

Many people don’t realize that your overall site structure can be a huge help or hurt to your website’s overall SEO. Zipper Studio will examine your company or individual website’s structure & give suggestions on how to improve it & make sure your pages are fully ready for our SEO techniques to be as effective as possible.

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Quality Website Traffic

A website will have a hard time gaining traction without quality traffic from real people. Zipper Studio will deliver quality, geo-targeted traffic to your website either from social media sources such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus & others or from search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL & others.

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Fast Website Ranking

Through our SEO services, which include quality backlinks & strong website traffic, Zipper Studio will have your company or individual website ranking in search within days.

YouTube Video & Channel Optimization

Zipper Studio features the best in YouTube video & channel optimization online. We will optimize your YouTube video & bring quality traffic to your URL & increase social interaction on your URL to make the video go viral & build up the overall strength of your YouTube channel.

Real, High Retention YouTube Views

Zipper Studio will bring real, high-retention YouTube views to your video, helping it to grow in popularity & in search engines. YouTube views are important, but nothing beats real views from humans who are interested in your work. Zipper can bring that & make sure the world is seeing your work.

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YouTube Subscribers, Likes, Comments

Zipper Studio will increase the social interaction on your YouTube channel by increasing the amount of quality subscribers to your channel. A channel with many quality subscribers increases the overall popularity of the channel, thus increasing the strength of all of the videos on the channel.

Zipper also provides real likes & dislikes along with comments on your video to increase social interaction from other YouTube users around the world.

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YouTube Viral Building

Zipper Studio will take your YouTube video & build it into a viral sensation. Our services are white-hat & will take your YouTube video & make sure it is seen by millions of people on YouTube & our marketing services on other parts of social media. We can make sure that millions of people are viewing your video in a short time frame.

Twitter Social Media Marketing & Branding

Zipper Studio will improve your overall Twitter standing & turn your profile into a massive marketing solution for your individual or company brand.

Quality Twitter Followers

Zipper Studio will help establish credibility with your Twitter profile by adding quality followers to your profile. Having strong Twitter followers helps with increasing Twitter strength & your messages will have a larger impact on prospective customers.

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Twitter Social Interaction

Zipper Studio will increase your Twitter interaction, thus helping grow your profile in organic search engines & give your tweets strength & the ability to reach a larger audience on Twitter.

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Marketing YouTube, Soundcloud Content Through Twitter

Our partnerships with various Twitter verified followers will allow for your content on YouTube, Soundcloud & LinkedIn to be marketed to hundreds of thousands of people, drawing stronger interest in your brand & bringing more potential customers to your products & services.

Soundcloud Music & Podcast Marketing

Zipper Studio can help make your Soundcloud music & podcast tracks go viral with our state-of-the-art marketing that will help you gain more plays, comments & re-posts to your work, generating buzz in social media & search engines.

Website Design

Our award-winning website design team has received many awards for our work on a variety of websites, from individuals to small business to enterprise solutions. Make sure your company is well-represented with a sleek & professional website from Zipper Studio.

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