Let Zipper Improve Your Company’s Presence on Twitter

Engagements are crucial to developing a big corporation, a small business or a strong personal brand. Consistent retweets, favorites & increase of followers helps increase positioning in search engines & allows your Twitter profile to gain authority. Over time, as you post more tweets, your tweets will show up at the top of Twitter for searches regarding your business or personal ideas.

Allow Zipper to help your profile become very influential in social media & improve your visibility on one of the largest social media sites online. We offer one-time packages as well as monthly services where can make sure that your tweets are receiving interactions (retweets & favorites) from real & influential users & have real people follow your Twitter profile, gaining greater online visibility.

Along with strong follower & engagement campaigns, Zipper has partnered with many verified & influential Twitter followers who can help draw more followers & improve the social reach of your message & overall profile.

Here are a few statistics about the effect of Twitter in social media –

  • Twitter has over 270 million active users
  • One-fifth of all United States internet users are expected to have Twitter by the end of 2015
  • Average Twitter user follows 5 or more businesses
  • Mobile users are more active on Twitter than desktop users; Mobile users are 79% more likely to visit Twitter several times a day. Those same users are also more likely to use Twitter when they first wake up