The first place to begin with online marketing is on your website. This is your foundation and will provide the long-lasting results your company needs to be a success. Your website serves as a hub, where social media, search engines and online marketing ads all drive traffic to, so it’s important that your website is not only set up well for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) but also markets well too, is professional and creates that retention with ROI. Don’t under-estimate the power of a solid foundation of onsite SEO.

Zipper Studio offers the best in SEO anywhere in the industry. Our SEO practices are white-hat & will make sure to move your website to the top of Google, Yahoo & Bing searches. Our SEO strategies to get you on page 1 of search engines are unique to your business. Driving social media traffic, including engagements, is a critical element and should be built into your SEO model if you want to be a success.


One of the newest secrets in SEO is working those social outlets! Creating social signals through engagements, such as tweets, retweets and shares gives Google the queue that your website is rocking. The power is in the signals from all different directions and keeping your brand active on Social Media while using these specific strategies for your business to produce those social signals that Google eats up.

content generation

Back to the basics: CONTENT IS KING, PERIOD. It’s critical to build valuable content on your website and a blog is the real catalyst that Google loves. This content should be posted on all your social sites and link back to your blog creating a web. All of these items working together, including engagements and traffic, are what create those coveted “Social Signals” (to your left).

You’re not done yet. Keep it up. Keep it current. Keep it alive. Zipper SEO knows HOW to write your content specifically for your company’s SEO. We are experts in knowing what Google likes to see and the main metrics they use for positioning.

social media outlets

SEO is no longer about creating a good website and kicking out a few backlinks. The game has changed, and if you aren’t using the power of social media to enhance your brand, you’re missing out on the organic SEO that goes with it. Building content on high-Klout accounts and high-PR sites (the larger the rank number the more it is trusted by Google) creates more trust on your own website as it sends traffic back to your site. This is something that people won’t tell you… IF DONE CORRECTLY, THIS WILL INCREASE YOUR ORGANIC SEO! Zipper SEO manages these social media accounts for you to design the content to be SEO friendly, optimized and deliciously served to Google.


One of the main pillars of a great SEO campaign are Social Shares. Zipper SEO will make sure that your website has only quality social shares so your website gets pushed to the top of search engines & stays at the top for a long period of time.

Website traffic & duration

Zipper Studio provides the best in website traffic to get your website out in search engines. The website traffic we generate is targeted & will help to move your website up in search rankings quickly. With Zipper, we only believe in the best methods of traffic available that will actually be beneficial in terms of helping drive & convert customers into sales.

Increase in click through rate

Already ranking for a particular keyword? Let Zipper move your website up in Google with improving your click-through rate (CTR) for certain keywords. A high CTR rate will help your SEO rate exponentially & our team of SEO experts will make sure your website has a strong CTR rate that will improve your SEO for long-term success.


Zipper’s Perimeter Attack works to build and engage visitors all around, from and back to your website as the central hub.


Are your social media accounts verified?


Be heard as an expert and above others in authority. The latest in generating value and priority placement in Google is Klout.

we’ll unstick your zipper.