Twitter Engagements Are The New SEO

SEO is forever evolving. Ever since search engines became the key way of finding any kind of information online, businesses and individuals have been trying to find a way to make their business show up more effectively. Today, however, SEO has truly evolved to a fairly static tactic: using the power of Twitter, and having good Twitter engagements.

Twitter engagements encompass all of the activity on a tweet or a profile, such as likes, favorites, retweets, followers. The higher your engagement rate is, the more that you are seen as an authority in your field, thus improving your overall standing in search engines and even on Twitter itself.  Your tweets become a fixture in the “top tweets” category for certain topics or hashtags (#), thus generating more attention to your profile and your business.

Twitter SEO

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The higher your Twitter engagement rate, the more your profile and tweets are indexed into Google search itself, which is a massive page authority boost for your website since Twitter is a high PR, high domain authority site in its own right.

The tweets that are gaining the high amount of engagements, especially retweets, are gaining quality social signals and shares. It is debatable if the backlinks on Twitter are actually counted in the Google algorithm, but they are counted in terms of quality social signals and social interaction! That is one of the key parts of any website ranking high in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

It would make more sense that the social media marketing would be a new and more efficient form of SEO due to the terrible practice of backlink spamming over the last few years. Search engines have stated that it is terrible practice to purchase a massive amount of backlinks that are spammy and could be malicious to your website, however, companies and individuals still did it for so long because having many backlinks still helped websites success on a high level in terms of gaining page authority.

Over time, especially after 2010, Google began to give strong hints that on all social media sites, the company was going to take in engagements as a factor. Gaining a ton of followers is great, but at the same time, the site has to have some interaction or discussion of some kind to make the content worthy of ranking high to promote interaction. Having followers alone does not help to build up the overall strength of your Twitter page or your website—it all has to work together as one.

Engagement rates are typically low totals on the grand scale for most businesses,  but an engagement rate of around 8-10% over the span of a month or a day will move your website and Twitter profile into the upper level of Twitter search, thus giving your site credibility and encouraging interest about your brand. People follow brands that they see as the top of their profession or at the edge of becoming a great brand.

Twitter SEO is a very direct form of marketing optimization because of the immediate impact you can see from your efforts. If you are gaining many engagements, followers & other social signals, it shows that your content is seen as important & there isn’t as much of a wait to see results as there is with the traditional SEO setup. Most important, it will be seen in Google as important, particularly after the partnership Google struck with Twitter to gain more information earlier this year. Google wanted to index tweets of popular hashtags to give more relevant search results on different terms, which makes Twitter most likely the most important social media site online due to that agreement alone.

SEO is always a tricky situation & doing it right will give you massive results, but doing it wrong can be a massive waste of money. Make sure you are having a strong presence on Twitter, you & your brand will benefit in the long run.