SEO of 2016? Influencer Marketing

In SEO, there are many cycles and schools of thought on how to market a website or how to boost your credibility. As social marketing and other forms of SEO have developed, what has emerged is the idea of having popular people market content for others. That idea is known as influencer marketing, today.

Influencer marketing is new in the sense of social media on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. In essence, it is the emergence of a basic ad. When a company calls the NFL and its partner networks to advertise during the SuperBowl, it is using the power of the networks and the league to push their product and message to the forefront. When a company shows a commercial during American Idol, the Walking Dead, or any other popular show, it is using the influence of that TV show to promote it’s products.

The evolution of influencer marketing has now made its way to social media, especially to Twitter. Here are the basics of influencer marketing:

social media influencers are those with high klout scores

When you are looking for influencers, the best way & the way that is the standard right now is to look for users in your niche that have high Klout scores. As we talked about in a previous post, Klout is the standard measure of social media influence online. The higher your Klout score, the higher your accounts linked to your Klout are ranked in social media sites and in Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, and Baidu.

On Klout itself, you can link a variety of different social media websites to Klout where you can have your score improved. On Twitter, it is much easier to connect with the social media influencers, so we will focus our energy on that aspect.

Klout features a browser add-on for Google Chrome & Firefox that shows the Klout of a user on Twitter, thus letting you know if you should engage with them, get them to follow your content and/or follow you. If you can get high engagements 0r any engagement from an influencer, it will boost up your website marketing.

Influencers have huge reach on social media

Because of their influence and strength of their social profile, influencers gain thousands of followers, and those followers have tons of followers, meaning that your message and your tweets are going to be seen by an exponentially massive audience. That will help you gain engagement, thus boosting your brand and getting your website better search engine ranking position.

It has been proven that influencers have much more say on consumers when it comes to purchasing products than any other type of SEO marketing with the exception of large retail chains.

how to become a social media influencer

Maybe you are someone who does well in social media & wonders how exactly do you become a social media influencer. Simple. Engagements.

Lots of engagements.

When you are working on social media or your regular website, the goal is to gain lots of engagements & interactions on your property, showing that your content is relevant & is bringing people to your page, thus wanting them to know more about your product or opinion. The more you are engaging to the reader, search engines notice it & will make sure that your site ranks higher.

Being an influencer has much more of an impact than any old school SEO plan. As mentioned in our Klout post earlier this week, your authorship in search engines is boosted higher when you have a higher Klout score – meaning that the websites you are promoting on Klout or in search engines are going to have much more of an impact in search engines.

Over the last few months, Google has told us in a roundabout way with their Panda & Penguin updates that traditional SEO does not have as much of an impact as actual people endorsing your brand & products. The SEO is now meshed together with social media marketing – it is all one now. Companies that look at SEO separately than social media marketing & branding are missing the ball. It all has to be on one level.

As SEO has evolved, the idea of just buying backlinks & expecting to be at the top of search & social media is dead. Completely & utterly dead. It isn’t about optimization for the search engines anymore, its about optimization for people & making sure people are willing to talk about discuss either how great your work is or where you need to improve overall. Online social influencers are seen as trustworthy in the eyes of the people, especially high-profile types such as celebrities, athletes or anyone who is considered verified.

At the end of the day, influencer marketing is here to stay because it is simply communicating with people instead of just trying to be at the top of search. Influencers are going to be all over social media for the long haul & if you want to have some kind of presence in today’s online world, either be one or get to know some.