Tips for SuperBowl 50 Twitter Marketing

As you may or may not know, SuperBowl 50 is taking place on February 7. For those of you who are massive techies and may not pay attention to sports, the SuperBowl—especially SuperBowl 50—will pretty much be the most watched TV event in. But the game won’t only play out on TV.

SuperBowl 50 will be a massive social media event, especially on apps like Twitter and Facebook’s new sports app, Stadium. Fans have already begun talking trash to each other about who is going to win, between the Denver Broncos or Carolina Panthers. If you think its wild now, wait until the weekend of the game! Wowza.

Most times, companies have to pay massive amounts of money to get time on air during the SuperBowl or a major sporting event. Networks such as CBS, NBC, FOX and ESPN spend billions on rights to the major sports leagues, including the NFL. However, the SuperBowl is charging multi-millions of dollars for 30-second ad spots during the game.

The great part of social media, however, is that you can use it to advertise who you are and what your brand stands for, if you do it correctly. Making sure your brand is utilizing hashtags correctly with the flow of the game will help in massive ways give your account and profile a huge presence online, with tons of impressions and increased chances of the world knowing more about what your brand is all about!

Before you get ready for the big day (here at Zipper, we are massive sports fans so SuperBowl Sunday is a huge holiday in the office), know about the game and for those of you who aren’t sports fans, here are the trends that will help you get some serious impressions and help grow your brand.

  1. #SuperBowl50 – Obviously, gotta have that one in the tweets you send out. You may want to start a campaign now on some tweets that involve this tweet & build on it as the next few days pass.
  2. #PeytonManning – Manning is the legendary quarterback of the Denver Broncos. He is playing in his 3rd SuperBowl & it could very well be his last because he pretty much played like crap most of the season, yet the team carried him to the playoffs.
  3. #MikeCarey – He is the referee in the broadcast booth with CBS & he will talk about controversial calls. He may make some wrong choices & Twitterverse will jump all over it.
  4. #CamNewton – He is the quarterback of the Carolina Panthers. One of the most entertaining and dynamic players in the league. Inventor of the “Dap” celebration dance.
  5. #SB50 – Probably the official hashtag of SuperBowl 50
  6. #Coldplay/#Beyonce – Halftime act of SuperBowl 50. Biggest music show all year long.
  7. #JimNantz/#PhilSimms – They are the broadcasters for the game. Nantz will wax poetically about Peyton Manning & Phil Simms is okay, but some Denver football fans think Simms hates them because he didn’t give them a lot of love a few years ago during broadcasts
  8. #KelvinBenjamin – First round WR from Florida State who had a monster rookie season last year but has been injured all season since training camp. Kid has a bright future but missing the SuperBowl pretty much is terrible
  9. #ChickenParm – Manning has funny commercials running from Nationwide Insurance & he is always talking about eating a chicken parm sandwich.
  10. #SuperBowlCommercial – Make sure you watch the SuperBowl commercials. They are normally awesome.

Ok, now that you know what is going on with the game, pay attention to the banter on Twitter all of SuperBowl Sunday. Make sure your brand is able to tweet & include football knowledge into your statuses. It is one of the few days of the year where unless there are some great tech or business commercials, most people are somehow incorporating their brands into football for the free advertising without the million dollar budget.

Enjoy the game & just for the record – Zipper SEO score – Carolina 27, Denver 24