Twitter and the NFL are Taking An Innovative Step!

You’ve probably heard by now that Twitter and the National Football League have announced an exclusive streaming partnership. Both registered and non-registered users will be able to watch free, live streaming video of the Thursday Night Football games. The stream will be readily available on mobile phones, tablets, computers, and connected TVs. We see this as a huge step forward for both Twitter and the NFL!

Live Stream benefits

Twitter is really giving fans the whole package, here. According to NFL Communications, “the partnership [also] includes in-game highlights from TNF as well as pre-game Periscope broadcasts from players and teams, giving fans an immersive experience before, during and after games.” This means viewers will be able to see things on Twitter and Periscope that they couldn’t see on other platforms, which is definitely a massive draw for any die-hard fan! Viewers who don’t have Twitter accounts yet will likely to create one so that they can tweet along with the game.

On the other side of things, the NFL has shown over and over again that they value a strong digital presence. They continue to find ways to make their content relevant and easily accessible for their fans. This partnership with Twitter is a great step in that direction for them! NFL fans across the country will be able to have an even more immersive experience, which will in turn increase the NFL’s viewership and fan loyalty. It’s really a smart move for them!

What’s Next?

This is an awesome opportunity for both companies, and we’re already seeing other similar partnerships popping up. For example, Twitter also partnered with Bloomberg TV to stream the presidential debates between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. On our end, we’re planning to take advantage of all the great content available through TNF and Twitter! How do you think this blend of social media and mainstream media and entertainment will change or evolve in the coming year? We see a lot of potential.