Twitter SEO Marketing Services 15% off

Through the end of the year, Zipper SEO & Web Design is offering our engagement and followers services at 15% off of the retail price on orders over $100 at checkout. Twitter is one of the top social media outlets in the world. Having a strong presence on social media is crucial to success! Here are some of the items that we have available at that 15% off price:


Twitter marketing from Zipper will build up your social credibility & build up your SEO & backlink methods, thus optimizing your website & improving in SERP. Save 15% on Twitter orders through the end of the year.

2,000 twitter retweets

In this package, your tweets will receive 2,000 retweets, either on one particular tweet or on a variety of tweets, which will boost your engagement and make that tweet among the top tweets for a particular subject.


5,000 daily twitter engagements

With this package, your tweets and your profile gain long-term profile authority. The engagements will include a mix of likes, retweets & favorites – up to 5,000 – spread out across your tweets each day for 3 months. Having daily engagements on all of your tweets daily helps your website move into the “top tweets” section of Twitter for just about every topic you talk about.

100,000 twitter followers

Having a large amount of quality followers helps your profile look popular in the eyes of search engines & social media itself & helps with gaining overall authority for your tweets. Accounts that are busy and have a large following, along with good engagements, are seen as authority and the tweets will gain top tweet status, and gain the attention of Google by getting indexed in search.

All of the Twitter services at Zipper begin operating in 1-2 business days and we will give you an email and update your account when the services begin. The 15% off of the services are put into effect as you checkout. For more information, please visit Zipper Studio at