Twitter Hashtag SEO Rules For Marketing Campaigns


Without a doubt, Twitter is a dominant force in social media marketing. A user has the ability to market their content to the masses immediately, whether they have followers or not. However, there is a big problem with Twitter and social media—many people do not know how to use Twitter properly.

Millions of people use the hashtag feature to group their tweets into a particular category and try to get into the top tweets category. This can help with gaining impressions and increasing user engagements. So many of the hashtags, however, just don’t end up doing much for users because the hashtags are words that no one looks for.

The idea of the hashtag usage is to make your profile, individual tweet and brand stand out, thus making the user seem like more of an expert in their field. For businesses, knowing how to tweet correctly is crucial to making sure a Twitter campaign is executed in the best way possible.

As mentioned above, using hashtag is one of the best SEO methods for people to find your Twitter profile and learn more about your particular brand. It is an easy way of ranking on Twitter for a term in a faster fashion than ranking on Google for a particular keyword.

Going back to the SEO term, for a second—if you type in “SEO” or “#SEO”, you will find Zipper’s company tweets and brand information coming up in Twitter search because the company always makes sure to use the keyword terms that we want to be ranked for highly in top tweets, thus improving engagement rates. Another big reason to use effective hashtags, is that Google does index tweets of popular profiles, so the hashtag can be helpful when Google is learning how to group your tweets for better topic ranking in their search engines.

The same rules do apply for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and other top social media websites. However Twitter is the originator when it comes to the hashtag movement, and more hashtags are going to be effective for businesses on Twitter than on any other networks.

Even though Twitter has been around for several years now, many businesses & individuals are not used to using the hashtag feature, when in reality, it is built to make a small brand into a global force through the message of 140 characters. Sometimes, using the hashtag doesn’t always mean being restricted to only your industry or expertise. On the side of every Twitter profile, you see a variety of trending topics, which can be sorted by world topics, country-specific, & local metro area.

If you are in business, particularly, one of the best ways to grow attention to your business is to make sure you are up on pop culture & show that your brand has a conscious for what the world is saying. The great trick, however, is to be able to tweet using the pop culture reference & having it be somewhat relevant to your industry, staying middle of the road – having it not affect your brand, & oh yeah, doing it all in 140 characters.

It is not breaking the social media rules to comment on an NFL game & use a team hashtag if you are a local company somewhere – it shows that you are actually human & follow with what is going on in the world, which is one of the main pieces of social marketing. Having a hashtag that includes sports, music or other pop culture references will do more for your brand in the eyes of the general public than simply only mentioning your industry, which will lead to more business & possible overall trust in your company.

Twitter has given the world a great way of delivering your message to the world with the hashtag, & making sure you are following the rules of Twitter hashtagging will drive up your business in a large way.


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