Using Facebook Live for Business

Encouraging social media engagement has become a huge part of successful marketing for businesses. With the increased interest in newer social media outlets like Instagram, Periscope, and Snapchat, some think that Facebook’s usefulness is beginning to decline. In light of Facebook’s recent addition of live streaming capabilities, we respectfully disagree!

Facebook Live ups the social media ante by allowing businesses to broadcast in real time to their Facebook following. When the filming is concluded, the video is automatically saved to your timeline and shared with your followers. Unlike Periscope, it won’t be deleted in 24 hours, so it’s prime for sharing on other social media outlets, or embedding in blog posts or email newsletters! Interested in becoming a live-stream superstar? Here are our five top tips for Facebook Live success.

  1. Know your audience.

Make sure to keep your audience in mind when deciding what to broadcast. Know what interest them, what they find helpful, and capitalize on that! Defining your audience is key to creating content they’ll find relevant and engaging.

  1. Be creative.

Don’t settle for a run-of-the-mill broadcast. Instead, find a new way to showcase your business from a novel perspective! You’ll catch (and keep) people’s interest better if you’ve put in the work to come up with something creative for your live stream.

  1. Give advance notice.

Let your followers know when you’ll be live streaming ahead of time so they can be sure to tune in. Build their anticipation or invite participation.

  1. Write an intriguing description.

Before you begin live streaming, Facebook gives you the opportunity to write a caption for your broadcast. Make it compelling. Don’t let people scroll past without stopping.

  1. Interact.

Both when you let your audience know you’ll be streaming and while you are broadcasting, people will weigh in with comments and questions. Answer them! They love to hear you responding and interacting in real time.

Facebook really stepped up their game by adding this feature, and we’re excited to see how businesses will grow because of it! Not sure how to broadcast live on Facebook? Check out this helpful article.