Using Olympics To Improve Business On Social Media

Right now, and for the next week & and half, the social media world is going to be fixated on the 2016 Summer Olympics taking place in Brazil. With all of the different events & stories that are taking place, it is a great time for businesses to show support for the athletes, and as we have talked about before – staying relevant in a social media world that is constantly evolving.

As we are both tech & sports fans here at Zipper, we would like to talk about some of the big trends that your business should be taking advantage of during these Olympic games. Watching some of the events of the Olympic games can have a major impact on your website SEO, as well as developing a strong Klout score.


This is the official hashtag of the Summer Olympics this year. If your social media page is strong and has good authority, this hashtag could do so much to bring traffic & awareness to your campaign. Millions of people around the world are using this hashtag throughout the day due to Olympic competition starting most days around 8:00 A.M. and not ending until after midnight ET.

Anything involving usa basketball

The United States men’s and women’s basketball teams are expected to dominate in the Olympic tournament this year through having top stars from the NBA & WNBA on each squad. While the teams will most likely be favored to do well in their competitions, making sure you use the hashtags that are popular during the games will be important.

If there isn’t a particularly strong hashtag during the event, implement the use of a star player or country name into your tweet somehow. Depending on your brand & business, this could be difficult – particularly on Twitter – but will have strong payouts due to increased awareness for your company’s brand & staying relevant to what the rest of the world is discussing.


During the primetime sessions, swimming in the first week will gain a lot of viewers because of the familiarity of most people (especially Americans) that are able to swim. Swimming events are always watched by big family audiences during the 8:00 pm & midnight times, excellent opportunities to connect with people & establish your content or brand to a massive audience watching around the world.

Names to look for include Katie Ledecky (strongest USA female swimmer), Michael Phelps (quite possibly the greatest of all-time), Simone Manuel (first African-American female to medal in an individual event), among others.

track & field

This event will dominate the TV screens during the second week of the Olympics in primetime. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & other social media accounts will be talking about the different track & field competitions due to people being interested in the sport because of having ran in high school or college, along with the fascination of the title of “World’s Fastest Person.”

Pay attention to nbc sports app on smart tv, tablets

NBC Sports has put out an amazing app for the Olympics that shows all of the different events live & allows for people to not have to wait on tape delay to know the results of events. In the past, this was a huge issue for the network due to results being leaked on social media platforms and other sports networks. Keep your eye on who is doing what and who is making a major impact in an event. If there is a lot of talk about it on social media, it means your brand needs to be aware of it & figure out how to get some of that instant web traffic to your message.