Vine videos have become incredibly effective ways of marketing on Twitter & other forms of social media outlets. Vines are short, 6-second videos normally with some kind of quick, clever message for marketing purposes, or funny comedy or music clips for social sharing.

Zipper can make sure that your Vine videos & accounts gain strong traction individually or for your business account. We will make sure that your account & videos are seen through our private Vine networks. The work is hands off for you – the client. In terms of exactly what the impact of Vine is, here are some statistics of Vine users online:

  • 200 million monthly active users
  • Vine reaches approximately 14% of the U.S. digital population
  • Over 100 million people watch Vine videos each month
  • 1.5 billion Vine loops are played daily
  • Over 1 trillion Vine loops are played annually
  • 31% of 14-17 year old teenagers use Vine

The Zipper Studio Vine services are discreet & we keep your information & account anonymous. We have a retention guarantee as well as the ability to market your Vine videos through our Twitter social promotion package, which will build up your social credibility & overall popularity of your Vine content.

With Vine being so popular in Twitter, with Zipper SEO promotion, your Vines will be popular throughout the Twitter search engines, building up your overall social brand & bringing more eyes & fans to your content to market.