What Does YouTube Red Mean For YouTube Creators

On October 28, YouTube dropped a bombshell by coming out with YouTube Red, a new subscription service for people to pay a subscription to watch YouTube videos ad-free. The fee will be $9.99 per month & will allow for users to download songs from a music video, download video for off-line access & a free Google Play subscription.

YouTube Red is Google’s attempt to capitalize on the streaming craze right now. YouTube has been seen as a third or fourth level entertainment company behind Netflix, Hulu & Amazon in terms of capitalizing on their content. Currently, YouTube is a free service – but yes, you do have to watch ads. The ads can be annoying at times – but for creators, they are an amazing life line because it means that they can have a full-time job doing videos that they truly love to do.

YouTube has been a place where celebrities were made from the ground up. People have been able to make an incredible living off of making cooking videos, video game playing videos & many other forms of video content that may or may not be the type of content that could make its way onto traditional television. Now, YouTube wants to take it to the next level.

For creators, it won’t be a huge difference in the way videos are going to be produced & the revenue from them – videos will still have to be marketed the same way & you will still need to get great YouTube views from real people. That is always going to be the constant. Over time, I could definitely see where YouTube Red could be popular, but at the same time, there could be a big problem – how many people will want to spend $10 a month on user-generated videos that are not nearly the same quality as Netflix, Hulu or Amazon.

This is where the creators are going to have to step up more than ever before in order to make this work in Google’s eyes. Google is putting its money on the idea that the content creators are going to develop more content that is almost mainstream like quality in production & subject matter. If that becomes the case, then YouTube Red will be a complete success. If that doesn’t happen, the regular viewer who might be a young person who doesn’t have the extra $10 a month to spend, will just deal with the advertising & keep on about their business the way they always have.

For a creator, this is the time to make a webseries or a great film that could truly go to the next level. YouTube is taking their brand to a completely new level & are making a full effort to compete with major streaming services. Why not make something that can truly set the standard for a great acting, modeling or singing career? Justin Bieber did it. Jenna Marbles did it. Heck, even a guy named Pewdiepie has become the highest earning YouTuber in the world.


Why not you?