Backlinks Role In SEO Marketing Campaigns

If you look at almost any major SEO blog or website, they will tell you either that backlinks are great to have for your website, or that you should shy away from backlink methods. While we do offer backlink services as a part of our overall SEO strategy, the main goal of any backlink SEO strategy is to improve your CTR rate.

But the questions still remain—why are backlinks good for SEO? When should they be implemented in your strategy? What kind of backlinks does your website need in order to gain true credibility in Google and other search engines?

social media backlinks

In today’s world of clicks and social media engagement marketing, backlinks can be effective if used the correct way. So many companies wwho go through the process will purchase spam backlinks to gain the overall page and domain authority, which has become a major ranking factor in search engines. The downside of that strategy, however, is purchasing backlinks through those means will eventually get your website downgraded in search due to the low quality of the linkss and the amount of time it takes for thousands of backlinks to come into your site.

When a post or status is shared on Facebook, Twitter or other major search engines, it gains social signals, which is a factor in Google search results. While many of those links are no-follow—meaning they don’t pass ranking strength—the social signals idea has replaced the idea of do-follow and no-follow. This makes sure that people understand that authentic user interaction and conversation about a post will go further in taking a post to the top than throwing a ton of backlinks at a post or domain will.

kinds of backlinks

So, what are the best kinds of backlinks to receive on your site? Right now, it looks as though social media links are truly the way to go. Social media has helped to give website great authority in search engines because of the strong authority of websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+ and more. With social media backlinks, the idea of the shares, re-tweets, and likes helps the overall popularity of the post and domain due to real people interacting with the content and naturally creating more link opportunities on other websites or within the social media sites themselves.

At the same time, having backlinks that are from your own industry or related industry are also a big help in terms of driving traffic and conversion opportunities. Most times, when backlinks are purchased, not much traffic comes from those links because they are only made for authority purposes. However, having more referral traffic coming from links will assist in overall SEO chances. While authority has proven to be a key factor in ranking a website, having quality across the board, especially when your website has new content or new news to report, helps with the overall view of your brand.

Speaking of the kinds of link opportunities available, outside of social media, a popular place to gain quality links are through press releases. While many people have negative views of press releases through companies such as PRWeb and PRNewswire, they are valuable in creating relevant backlinks and bringing relevant traffic to your website. With most press releases, they will stay online forever and will always be a form of consistent traffic for your business.

Backlinks will always be important in the overall spectrum of a strong SEO campaign, however, the way, where and when you receive them can make the difference in a solid domain and website or a site that will get blacklisted and de-indexed by Google.