Facebook Dislike Button Could Trigger Cyberbullying

In October, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook would be rolling out a “dislike” button for users to have on profiles. However, the Facebook Dislike button would be a bit different than just the regular like button in that people can leave emojis & express empathy and sorrow for a situation.

Umm………this is not sounding like a great idea – in the least.

One of the biggest problems that we have in the world is cyberbullying, & its not only from young children to each other. Adults post selfies with weird looking “duckfaces”, pounds of makeup or scantily-clad clothes to show off their bodies. They want to gain popularity, which is why in many ways, outside of the business sector, Facebook is more of a social, online high school for everyone & where people want to be popular all the time.

Facebook having a dislike button could prove to be harmful to people’s feelings & emotions, thus leading to some people making rash decisions that could harm themselves & their families. As odd as it may sound, if someone posts a photo & a massive group of people click a button that would mean something sad or disapproval, whether they truly do or not, it could crush a person’s confidence, especially a teenagers, male or female.

Apparently, the button won’t be just a regular dislike button, as mentioned earlier. It will have a sense of sadness or amazed look in the emojis, but in today’s socially connected world, even emojis are taken the absolute wrong way & completely out of context more times than not. According to the website nobullying.com, 7 in 10 young people have experienced a form of cyberbullying on Facebook & 20% face cyberbullying on a daily basis. There is a great fear that in some way, those numbers would go up across the board, & moving more into the adults.

The button has been rolled out in Ireland & Spain, but Facebook hasn’t made an official announcement on when the button will premiere on US accounts. If the button is truly a button for sympathy & to show compassion, it is a unique move by the company.

Let’s just hope the mean-spirited people use the new feature for positive & comforting needs to someone as opposed to hurting another person’s feelings.