Why Live Streaming is a Game Changer for Businesses

Video marketing has all but exploded in the past year. It’s not a new concept, but with the development of free platforms from Periscope to Meerkat to Facebook Live, businesses can now more easily engage their audience in this exciting way. What is live streaming you may ask? Well, live streaming is like a live news broadcast that you control, or a one way video chat. It gives you the freedom to connect with your market in real time.

Like many business trends popping up recently, live streaming is a great way to humanize your business. Consumers love having experiences that feel personal. Here’s a great example of the usefulness of live streaming from Raffe Gold, founder of digital marketing consulting company Transcend Social.

“Imagine, as a real estate agent, showing your audience an open house and answering their questions, all from your smartphone. Those who can’t attend the open house are still able to bid and perhaps even purchase it.”

Now imagine using that technology to live stream a product launch, Q&A session, or a special announcement. It’s a cost effective (free, if you have a smart phone or other device!), simple, and engaging method of marketing. We think live stream can be a great marketing move for businesses! It’s like having your audience right there with you!

Our favorite tips for live streamers?

  • Consider your audience. Would they watch a live stream from your business? What would they be interested in? Make sure you’re not live streaming just to live stream, but have a plan and a purpose to each video.
  • Be yourself. Your market wants to see you be genuine and un-scripted.
  • Use your content as a script. Don’t think that’s too much of a contradiction with the last point! Be genuine in every video, but it’s completely okay to use content from your website or blog to talk about! Just don’t read it word for word—get creative and find a new way to get your message across.