5 Tips For Woocommerce Success

For most bloggers, WordPress is one of the most used software platforms used anywhere online. It offers almost instant SEO from the first time you launch your website. The website structure is superb, and because of the thousands of unique plugins available, you can have any kind of software enhancement imaginable. One of the most important e-commerce plugins on WordPress is Woocommerce. Today we are going to talk about 5 ways to enhance your Woocommerce store to make it strong in search engines.

use yoast seo

Yoast SEO is one of the best SEO plugins available on WordPress. The service walks you through putting together a solid description step by step and helping you ideally optimize. One of the best parts about having Yoast on Woocommerce is that you can put in a targeted keyword, and when you have properly optimized your content for the keyword, you get a green light on your page, a great indicator that your page is set for Google success!

image optimization

Using product images are crucial to promoting a product, and it is one of the basics of e-commerce. Making sure those images show up well in search is important, too. Many users search in Google for images of certain items because most people are visual oriented and would like to see a strong visual for their content, as opposed to seeing only words on a screen. When you are putting in your anchor link text in the image, make sure that you put in a URL in the area where it ask you to have either a media file or a custom URL. When the image is found in Google search, it will point back to your website, thus giving you another form of traffic and another conversion opportunity.

woocommerce subscriptions opens up your business in a new way

With the Woocommerce subscriptions plugin (considered a premium plugin) you are able to offer subscription services on your Woocommerce store, which will then lead to residual income with payments coming once a month for the amount of time you determine. Where the SEO opportunities come in is that you can market two different versions of a product, one with a one-time purchase and a version with the subscription, thus bringing in another opportunity for SEO exposure in search engines.

woocommerce themes from themeforest are amazing

Themeforest is a website that sells custom plugins and themes for WordPress, Woocommerce, and other styles of websites online. If you are going to have a good online store, the theme and design is going to be an important part of your success. Many of the themes on Themeforest are SEO ready and there are many for Woocommerce that are compliant with strong SEO. When putting together any website, design is strong, but getting good themes at good prices is imperative, and not many are better than Themeforest Woocommerce products!

Woocommerce add-ons

The Woocommerce Add-ons plugin is important in that it allows for people to have extra input options and custom boxes in order to add in extra options for a certain product. Many types of solutions require special requirements to make the sale happen and this is one of those add-ons that will put your store over the top.