Yes, Klout Score Affects SEO

In social media over the last 7 years, the big elephant in the room has been all of the talk about one word. Klout. Klout is the measure of an individual or brand’s social media influence. The higher your score, the more influence that your social media profiles have on others.

An example of this is being in top tweets on Twitter. Twitter accounts and tweets that gain a high level of user engagements are showing up at the top of Twitter search.

Here is the one big secret to the whole idea of Klout—it’s NOT about the followers you have on social media, it is completely about the interaction you have from actual influencers. The more influencers who want to interact with your content, the more your social media profiles with go up in ranking—not only in the social media sites, but also in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Engagement and low bounce rate are the absolute foundation to having strong SEO. Hands down. There are many sites online that will go through all of the different ways to improve Klout score, but it comes down to social media engagement across all platforms (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.). The higher the engagement rate, the higher a website that is linked to those profiles will gain powerful social signals. Social signals are a strong key in SERP positioning.

Klout updates scores each day, along with a graph that shows your move up in the scoring system. What many people will notice is that Klout is very closely related to the Google author rank system. The more quality content that is posted, particularly in your related niche, along with having quality engagements, not only does the Klout go up, but also the overall SEO of the domain. Google recognizes the site and author as authority figures in the niche, thus giving more respect in search engines for a particular product.

Many people talk about how Klout gives out free perks. While the perks program was officially cut out when the company was bought by Lithium in late 2015, many businesses and companies look at a brand or individual’s Klout score to determine if they are a good candidate for a job (especially in marketing/advertising). Klout perks come in being able to command a higher salary at a marketing firm, and in other brands wanting to make sure they are working with you because they realize their message will be spread to millions of potential customers.

At the end of the day, while many people can game the system, two things will remain in mind – any brand or individual needs to think about their Klout score & it gets much harder to do much to the system as it gets higher in the process. Whether you believe the system is flawed or not, it is one of the best metrics to show if a social media campaign is correct, similar to how we view Google, Yahoo or Bing search queries through the analytics section.

Klout is not as complicated as many people make it out to be & the message is simple – keep engaging with customers & make sure you keep a good website that lends itself to engaging social media – the Klout will skyrocket before you know it.