YouTube Rumored to Become More Social with “Backstage”

Rumor has it that YouTube will be rolling out a new feature later this year that will add a new social media aspect to the popular video sharing site. The update, called “Backstage”, seems to be in response to the increase of video capabilities on other social media sites, particularly the advent of Facebook Live and other social media video features encroaching on YouTube’s dominance. Backstage is a timely move, and we can’t wait to see what comes of it!

What will Backstage look like?

With this new update, users will supposedly be able to share photos, polls, links, text posts, and videos with subscribers, and push these posts to other social media sites as well. Rumors say Backstage will initially be released only to “select popular YouTube accounts and with limited features,” according to VentureBeat. After the initial release and bug fix, Backstage expected to trickle down to all YouTube accounts.

Backstage will be reminiscent of other social media sites in that the posts will appear both on individual profiles and subscribers’ feeds, and will be displayed in reverse chronological order. A huge bonus of this update will be that the posts will display without algorithms, meaning that the viewership of videos and other posts could be much higher than a similar post on Facebook. For influencers using YouTube as a marketing platform, this could be a huge boost in opportunities and ROI.

We think YouTube’s new feature will be great, if they can pull it off. What would you like to see most from YouTube Backstage?