Zipper SEO presents its newest feature – Perimeter Attack Marketing. This marketing is a form of digital marketing & optimization that focuses on attacking the search rankings with a variety of techniques that focus around aggressive social media campaigns from a variety of sources.

SEO in the past has been built on the idea of simply doing backlinks & on-page SEO. So many companies don’t realize that the business has evolved to a new, advanced level of SEO that includes social media marketing, keeping it at a high level, feeding Google the social signals that it craves.

This marketing features a variety of different social media marketing techniques –


Using our advanced & proprietary Twitter marketing techniques, we take your social media profile to levels it has never been before. We make sure your tweets, profile, & linked websites go viral in a safe, efficient way, employing the best white-hat Twitter marketing methods anywhere in the business. We make sure your tweets have high levels of engagements, always in the top tweets section, attract influential people in your industry to connect with you, gain higher levels of leads & help to improve overall social influence.



The YouTube portion of the Perimeter Attack system takes your individual video or company’s brand channel to the highest levels possible. YouTube is one of the major key factors of a brand having a strong campaign & is a key factor in ranking in Google, especially with YouTube being a Google property. We make sure you have tons of views & attract new viewers & comments to your brand, bringing an intense level of video SEO to your videos & channels.



If you are looking to make waves in business, being a staple on LinkedIn is an absolute must. Zipper’s LinkedIn Perimeter Attack opens your brand to thousands of new business leads & potential business clients to help your brand establish trust & an identity. We make sure your company & individual profiles are among the most popular & talked about in your industry.


Google places

Zipper SEO uses an aggressive Google Places campaign to help your local SEO campaign & make sure your business is able to be located in your metropolitan area. Our Google Places strategy will verify your business on Google Plus & drive visitors to your page through mobile & desktop means, ensuring that your Google Plus & Google Places listing shows high in search quickly.